In Seductive Vienna, a brand new Fashion District

As luscious and curvaceous as around the day that she was sculpted, the naked lady adorns the 1900 developing in Vienna’s central square. But now this sinuous symbol of the historic Austrian city is being supplied luxurious new garments. A lot of them.


A brand new pedestrian shopping area, to be known as the “Golden Quarter,” continues to be under construction. But even prior to its completion, scheduled for 2014, Louis Vuitton has taken over a historic developing, with Emporio Armani and Miu Miu up the road and a stream of international names from Brioni via Roberto Cavalli to Prada and Saint Laurent lined up to arrive next year.

The refurbished area, nestled in between St. Stephen’s Cathedral as well as the stock exchange within the Unesco Planet Heritage location of Vienna, contains a building from a century ago situated at the Am Hof square as well as the historic Hochholzerhof building within the Tuchlauben location. Louis Vuitton: The Trunk Show –

The area’s transformation into a pedestrian zone will contain a five-star Park Hyatt hotel and luxury apartments, and the high-end stores.

Wealthy Russians trying to invest in bricks and mortar in addition to a swelling variety of Chinese guests have inspired this gilded buying location inside the heart of a city which has been rejuvenated by the opening up of Eastern Europe. But affluent consumers as well as the super wealthy are not alone in wanting one thing new out of old Vienna.

Far in the touristy central a part of the city, with its grandiose fountains and glorious buildings, there’s another mini-shopping revolution: an outbreak of small stores which are tucked behind the big buying roads or in regions that the locals define as “Bobo” for “Bohemian bourgeois.” A single such area is the seventh district, west of central Vienna.

“We started inside the seventh district, which as soon as housed textiles, silk and embroidery,” mentioned Barbara Irma Denk, whose mission is to open as much as visitors a a lot more modern vision of art, craft and style than the city’s usual offerings of Gustav Klimt’s paintings, cream pastries in period tea shops and upgrades on the classic dirndl skirts.

With the encouragement on the district mayor, Thomas Blimlinger, Ms. Denk founded 7tm (, a firm that aids market the style and design shops inside the seventh district. (The 7 in the enterprise stands for the district and also the tm stands for trademark.) The corporation began in 2007 by representing 20 to 30 shops and has expanded to cover an region with 57 retailers, with names like Disaster Clothing, Widespread Individuals and Significantly less is More. These indie stores possess a flavor of back-street Berlin and this region on the city, identified as Neubau, features a young, liberal, urban population. Ms. Denk has mapped out a route within the district that provides “adventurous consumers” bespoke tours with the city.

“We changed concentrate from just textile designers to furniture, which is an interesting and superior mixture,” Ms. Denk stated. Her group of independent retailers, following the Viennese tradition of cobblers, craftspeople and textile designers, are usually housed in a part of the solid and spacious buildings created by the architect Otto Wagner when the city was at a pinnacle of prosperity. Louis Vuitton: The Trunk Show –

The world wide web has helped these fledgling providers to expand beyond their local areas, in order that the bag designer Ina Kent ( gets orders from distant places. “Bags inform stories” may be the designer’s mantra – and her tale is of transformation: colorful purses that can be attached to bigger bags that, in turn, can morph, with all the twist of twin straps, into a backpack. As with so many of those homegrown firms, the prices are way down around the luxury labels: from less than €100, or $130, to €350 for the Ina Kent bags.

With Austria and Germany founding lots of “green” movements, Vienna’s indie brands are generally striving for great social and environmental practices, a feeling that runs through the 7tm style collective and is encouraged by Ms. Denk herself.

One particular store inside the district, Madame with a Mission , supports a neighborhood social-economic women’s corporation where the collection is created. The company’s founder, Susanne Kreuzberger, says the organization’s motto is: “Keep it very simple and sophisticated.”

Set in a quiet street near the historic Naschmarkt industry, having a chocolate shop next door plus a “Bananas” antique store down the road promoting 1950s furnishings and lamps, the shop delivers that rare object: fashionable clothes that have no age barriers. Often cut flat plane, or asymmetrically, the colors are minimalist black and white having a trickle of blue. Jars of fresh flowers in the entrance as well as a scattering of bold gilded jewelry total an original and desirable appear.

A further retailer in the location, Faux Fox includes a lineup of talent, as rails are presented to fledgling designers to create a retail style collective, such as a Faux Fox magazine. Mark Stephen Baigent, who is from New Zealand, and Julia Rupertsberger made a Mark & Julia line with intriguing cuts that make the clothing far more than casual sportswear. Cotton bags with funky drawings around the word “Kadaverism” add an anarchic spirit.

Austria and its Tyrol famously had a specific style: The dirndl skirts and white blouses defined by the “Heidi” books. Too closely associated with German nationalism and, like all folklore outfits, an apparently dying trend, the Tyrolean outfits are given an edge of irony by Lena Hoschek, whose folkloric mix of Mexican straw hat, apron dresses and prints of 1950s paper patterns are lined up in her colorful shop. The designer, who shows in Berlin Fashion Week, also has a flourishing business in the Tyrolean outfits worn for weddings.

But to understand the strange beauty of a hat knitted by religious women who made tiny slits for each apostle, a wool and silk coat from a farmer’s wife or a skirt that began its life as a bedcover and has the sewing imprint of different generations, seek out Susanne Bisovsky, who has built a trove of clothing, everything from the ancient to the modern.

As her partner, the shoe designer Josef Gerger, draws back the rose-patterned curtains below the mighty ceilings of a former silk maker’s constructing, a magical collection appears of old garments, found from areas like flea markets or on eBay. There are pleating techniques so uncommon that similar skills are found only in rural China; or a densely patterned Spanish mantilla that Ms. Bisovsky claims is “too perfect” to transform. But a pair of Tyrolean socks have become a high-heeled boot, just because the designer/collector’s full-skirted dresses are modern interpretations of Austria’s heritage.

Ms. Bisovsky’s symbol is the rose, which is often found on tiny ceramic tiles that make up a bodice or because the crochet flowers, nevertheless made by elderly ladies, that create generous bouquets across the room. From folkloric inspiration, Ms. Bisovsky creates a couture collection for private clients where she might use cross-stitch techniques or jet beads.

In the 1990s she developed the famous lace and latex dresses of Helmut Lang, who was once her mentor when she was at the University of Applied Arts in Vienna. She then distills those ideas as her interpretation of ready-to-wear.

But the Susanne Bisovsky spirit can only be truly appreciated in her magical mix of an interior filled with religious iconography and pixie hat lampshades, of dirndls and vividly patterned dresses, of ancient morphing into modern – a template for a city that cherishes the old but comes alive with injections on the new.


Indonesian Street Artist Mixes Pop With Questions of Identity

Back in January, Louis Vuitton asked the Indonesian street artist Eko Nugroho to help style a new scarf. The luxury brand has become a master of those kind of collaborations, which have come to become identified as “artketing” – combining the globe of fine art with mass consumer marketing – but it has tended toward artists who are far more established internationally, like Takashi Murakami, Richard Prince and most recently Yayoi Kusama. The decision to select Mr. Nugroho was a sign of his quick rise.

It’s not the only one. This year, Mr. Nugroho, 36, who recently made the list of Art + Auction magazine’s “Top 50 under 50,” is participating within the Indonesian Pavilion in the Venice Biennale, which runs by way of Nov. 24.

Mr. Nugroho mixes pop influences with Indonesian motifs and touches on issues of identity and democracy.

For the Louis Vuitton collaboration, Mr. Nugroho made six large oil paintings, using the brand selecting one particular for production – “Republik Tropis,” which portrays a mythical creature whose body is made of tropical fruits and vegetables, with two masked faces peering via the twisted amalgamation.

“This creature is like a compilation in the democratic idea in Indonesia, colorful and complicated, a symbol of today’s society,” Mr. Nugroho said in a recent interview in Singapore. “Our democracy is still very young, not fixed yet.”

Masks are integral to Mr. Nugroho’s visual vocabulary, and he started using them in his practice in 2000. In Indonesia, he said, they are “more about the concept of identity and also the concealment of your true human nature.”

Mr. Nugroho is a part of a generation of artists that emerged because the dictatorial Suharto regime was falling and Indonesia was slowly transitioning toward democracy; and from the start, he has used his works to communicate and engage having a general public, particularly by way of street art.

“I like to develop my work outside during daylight. It’s extra free and flexible and it allows me to interact with persons, sometime asking them to help,” he said. For his new solo exhibition, called “We Are What We Mask,” which opened at the Singapore Tyler Print Institute last week, masks take center stage. Inspired by Gillian Vogelsang-Eastwood and Willem Vogelsang’s “Covering the Moon: An Introduction to Middle Eastern Face Veils,” which retraces the history of veils, Mr. Nugroho has made 70 colorful paper works, quite a few of which are wearable. They include things like a series of 10 flat masks that take around the shape in the head covering worn by the women of your Rashaida tribe in Saudi Arabia, and also a series of eight full-face head pieces in absurd shapes and bright neon hues that were made from abaca cotton paper treated with konnyaku, a form of Japanese root- based gelatin, to add strength. All these “face veils” consist of text like “obey and happy” and “prohibited to prohibited” that take on a specific meaning within the Singaporean context where they were made.

“I like strong visuals. I’ve never used such strong colors prior to, sometime they are hurting the eyes, but the underlying idea is still about democracy as well as the freedom,” he mentioned.

Dan Cameron, the chief curator in the Orange County Museum of Art in California, noted in his essay for the Singapore Tyler Print Institute’s exhibition catalog: “For all his potential for caustic observation and critique, Eko is definitely an extremely funny and inventive artist, whose animated forms and characters locate him about midway on the scale amongst Kenny Scharf and Takashi Murakami, with an added dimension of playful gore to bring it into the modern visual idiom of zombies and apocalyptic fantasy.” Mr. Nugroho is also participating in the 2013 California-Pacific Triennial, running through Nov. 17, which Mr. Cameron curated.

Mr. Nugroho’s works were completed during a six-week residency that challenged the technical capabilities with the Singapore institute’s workshop, as it was the first time staff there had sewn paper and assembled such complex forms.

“There is a magic in transforming a two-dimensional surface into a three-dimensional object, so a single in the significant achievements was making paper which is strong, durable, yet flexible to make these fabric-like mask pieces,” stated the Singapore institute’s chief printer, Eitaro Ogawa, who added that “we worked intensely with wood carvings for this project to give a new boldness and unique character to Eko’s line imagery, usually drawn by the artist in brushstrokes.”

As an additional challenge to the Singapore institute’s staff, Mr. Nugroho asked them to each select their favorite head piece and arrange for themselves to become photographed wearing it in everyday Singaporean scenes – riding the MRT subway, waiting in line at a taxi stand or at a food center. The resulting photographs are also on view.

The coming months will be busy for the artist: He is opening a solo show in October at Arario Gallery in Seoul, and has plans for a solo show in the Lombard Freid Gallery in New York subsequent year. “The new work at Arario is going to be totally different, black and white, so quite a big change,” he stated. For New York, he’s hoping to explore a lot more installation works, with video and murals. “I like to be part of the landscape,” he said having a laugh.

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Nike Air Max 90 « Dark Obsidian/White »

This Air Max 90 sports an intriguing patent leather look, recently releasing overseas. The classic Swoosh model also notes added hits of leather and mesh all through the composition. White accounts for contrast atop the Obsidian base, as tonal laces round out the drop. Check out spots including Titolo to purchase a pair currently.


Mita Sneakers x Nike Air Max 95+ BB « Neo Escape two.0″

Mita Sneakers continues with their collaborative tip, as we get a look at a different upcoming release, this time of your Air Max 95+ BB. The recent re-up is usually a continuation of certainly one of Mita’s drops form 2006, thus being dubbed the « Neo Escape two.0″ The mixture of blue shading is undeniably enticing around the Air Max drop, because the pair is anticipated to release this Saturday.

Nike Air Max 90 « Pastels & Stripes »

What would have been a perfect Easter weekend drop, we now get a look at the forthcoming « Pastels & Stripes » edition in the Air max 90. The Swoosh favorite notes a striped upper, featuring a white and light purple color combination. To entice further, a gum outsole has then been implemented. You can expect this release to become available in May through accounts including Crooked Tongues. Air Max Cooling oHeating in Rancho Santa Margarita, CA 92688 – (949) 888-8036

Nike Air Max 1 « Gorge Green »

The « Gorge Green » take around the Air Max 1 is available now through appropriated Swoosh accounts. The Max favorite notes a combination of green hues throughout, paired with touches of white. Suede and mesh cover the majority of the sneaker, all equating to a perfect spring/summer pair.

Nike Air Max 95 – White / Hyper Cobalt – Pure Platinum

What’s not to love about a Nike Air Max 95? The iconic gradient panels that adorn the lateral and medial sides with the shoe create the perfect canvas for an ambitious designers to take the color combinations as far as their imaginations will take them. This particular model plays it calm and cool with a white base, a black, dark grey, pure platinum gradient, and hits of hyper cobalt to add a little flair. While some may opt for bolder and brighter tones when it comes to the Air Max 95, we happen to think that simplicity always wins when it comes to Nike’s beloved runners. You can get yourself a pair of these beauties right now at JD Sports.

Nike Air Max Thea – Bright Grape

Nike introduces this beautiful grape Air Max and let me tell you the upper isn’t even the most beautiful part of this sneak. This Nike Air Max Thea features a grape upper which is composed of a light and dark purple with a white and purple matching gradient sole that is simply amazing. The fade starts from a white heel to a progressively darker purple toebox. The rest of this sneak sticks to suit with purple, the real question is who isn’t copping these?

Nike London City Collection

I see London, I see France, I see some Nike’s that appear like that. Okay enough with the nursery rhymes let’s get down to business, these Air Max 1 & 95‘s are simply beautiful, no more words needed. Let’s start with my favorite from the two the 95, this sneak gets the all white sole to midsole situation with the real eye-catcher is the navy blue upper that sports to perfectly themed stripes of red and white across the heart of this shoe. Finally this shoe get’s a top off with a contrasting blue set of laces that look perfect. Next let’s get into the 1′s which sport a black sole to white midsole that leads into the mesh black upper with hints of grey and shade of blue all through as accent colors. Which 1 would you pick, I know for me it’s easily the 95′s.

Nike Air Max 1 BR – Varsity Blue

The Nike Air Max 1 BR gets dressed in a nice varsity blue colorway this summer.

This Nike air Max 1 is not only appealing to the eye but it is also appealing to the foot. This AM1 features a completely mesh upper that is unmatched when it comes to breathalilty and comfort. Adding to the comfort is actually a great outer shell that features a nice varsity blue on the mudguard and outsole, a nice mix of white and grey on the upper portions with the upper, and a contrasting black Swoosh.

This variety blue Nike Air Max 1 BR is amiable now via shops like Sneaker Politics for $120.

Nike Air Max 180 – Fall 2014 Colorway

In the last week alone, we’ve previewed two colorways in the Nike Air Max 180: the Nike Air Max 180 Burgundy Safari and Nike Air Max 180 – Venom Green. Now we’re getting a look at yet another version of the classic shoe. Releasing as part of Nike Sportswear‘s fall range, the shoe is built from a combination of suede and textile, all the while sporting a predominantly dark blue base. Adding to the appear are light blue, red, and soft green accents. As of now, the kicks are scheduled to release at select shops including Florence-based LUISAVIAROMA in September. Air-Max Heating And Cooling in Louisville, KY 40202 – (502) 636-5900

Nike Air Max Lunar 1 ‘OG’

The Nike Air Max 1 is actually a tried and true silhouette when it comes to comfort and if you think things couldn’t get any better then think again. The Nike Air Max Lunar 1 sports a sneaker with smoother lines that usual and a streamlined upper as well courtesy of hyperfuse mesh. The revamped runner doesn’t fully abandon its familiar feel and goes for an original sport red colorway that probably made you fall in love with it in the first place. Stay tuned for release information and more images.

Nike Air Max 93 “Menthol” And “Citrus”

Sweet baby Jesus. The drought is over. The Nike Air Max 93 will be making a return this year in not just one particular, but TWO OG colorways! While both the menthol green and the citrus pair are equally handsome, we have a feeling that even those who abhor smoking will be craving menthol like never before. The mid-ankle runner still comes complete with the neoprene bootie and slightly oversized air max bubble that fans of this model know and love. Word is that we’ll only have to wait 30 more days to get our hands on a pair because they are set to release in July. Keep up with the specific release info here and on the KoF app.

Nike Air Max 1 Essential – Silver Suede

Look at this Nike Air Max 1 beauty in the eye of your beholder and since you’re staring at it that is you. Nike does it big with the Nike Air max and this essential (see what I did there) is a must have in my eyes. With a beautiful grey suede and nylon it is no doubt these will their way to my closet. Featuring a beautiful aged sole to midsole combo it’s no telling why Nike reigns on-top.

Nike Air Max Lunar 1 – Cool Grey / Volt

It looks like we may be seeing quite a bit of your Nike Air Max Lunar 1 and let us just say that we aren’t complaining at all. The retooled runner can rock a colorblocking as good as its cousin does and this time we see it sporting a heaping helping of volt. The eye popping neon hue is spotted down bottom while cool grey chills up top giving this high contrast runner all the personality that it needs. Nike retailers will have these in stock on June 28th if you are interested.

Nike Air Max 1 WMNS – Split Sole

Okay now Nike is finally giving me something to drool over, but of course it’s only for the ladies but hopefully us guys will join the treat. This Air Max gets a brand new split sole that basically just divides the traditional white sole and adds the accent color in the sole in a half way manor. This Nike Air Max 1 comes sporting two colorways among which is really a basic grey and purple and the other is a set of blue tones with pink accent colors. Ladies will you be copping these for summer or naw?

Nike City Collection London

Nike has been showing huge amounts of love flagship cities across the world for some time now. Their city collection have been second to none, doing extreme justice to cities like Rio, New York, Paris, and London. The kicks have been in line with the upcoming World Cup. Nike is set to release its London Collection this weekend as the other have released over the past few weeks. Here’s their official word on the collection:

Inspired by London’s cultural vibrancy, the quick-pace of its streets, and the colors of English pride, the London City Collection features two classics, on the track and the streets, in the Air Max 1 and the Air Max 95. Both designs have been distinctly marked with colors informed by the British flag as well as London City Collection insignia.

The Air Max 1 employs a breathable mesh upper with taped construction for maximum comfort and coolness throughout the summer. To balance the breezy feel from the AM1, the Air Max 95 has been designed for evening escapes, featuring a blend of leather and mixed textiles. A reflective molded heel piece affords you greater visibility while visible Air throughout the heel and forefoot retains iconic Air Max styling.

The collection is set to drop this weekend on Friday June 6th. The Air Max 1 will be priced at $130 while the Air Max 95 will be $180.

Nike Air Max 2015

The Air Max is actually a staple in not only the evolution of Nike shoes, but in sneaker culture itself. Following the 2014 version, the good folks at The Swoosh are gearing up to release the next kicks from the Air Max family tree, the Nike Air Max 2015. Some returning favorite features from the 2014 model include a mesh upper for breathability and the articulated full-length Max Air unit for comfort. You’ll also notice that like last year’s model, the colors fade midway through the outsole on the Air Max unit.

The 2015 Air Max’s do have a few noticeable changes, however. Like the FlyWire on the upper for added support and the padded heel counter for extra stability. So does the new look and added innovations make the Air Max 2015’s a must have on your list? If so, they’ll be available by years end in both the Black / White and Black / Red / Blue colorways for a suggested price of roughly $190. Let us know if they make your early 2015 watch list in the comments below.

Nike Air Max 1 “Mercurial Superfly”

The Nike Air Max 1 might just be the most versatile sneaker around the market now.

We have seen the 1987 classic from Nike dressed in countless colorways over the years with very few becoming as eye-catching as this “Mercurial Superfly” make up. As you can see from the photos above this Nike Air Max 1 features a color so bright that even the best of DSLR cameras have a hard time picking it up. Incase you can’t tell, this AM1 displays a hyper punch upper with total orange hits on the Nike branding. Touches of ivory rest around the lining, Nike Swoosh, laces, and midsole.

This “Mercurial Superfly” Nike Air Max 1 is set to release on June 7, 2014 via shops like Oneness.


Nike Air Max 2015 First Look

gives us a sneak peak from the flagship sneaker that will lead the Air Max into glory in 2015. This is among the main support sneaks that gives Nike it’s backbone, and furthermore gives Nike it’s name; I’m sure almost everyone has heard from the Air Max. Its long time running and training aspects make for an amazing combination that leads this line to glory. Who else can get down with the Air Maxs, I’m not entirely sure with the exact dates but hey they are beautiful. Both these colorways are beautiful with a simplistic black and white and an additional that looks a little Spider-man esque to me either way I dig’em both.

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Dita Von Teese, Emmy Rossum, a lot more celebrate Christian Louboutin

Dita Von Teese, Emmy Rossum, Camilla Belle, Liz Goldwyn and Alessandra Ambrosio toasted springtime on Thursday afternoon at the Chateau Marmont at a luncheon hosted by Christian Louboutin.

But the true guest of honor was a handbag, Louboutin’s new Passage handbag, to be exact.

The bag is sleek and graphic with an arch-shaped metal deal with designed just after the archways above the designer’s very first shop, which opened in 1991 in Paris’ Passage Véro-Dodat.

Right after sipping pink Champagne inside the garden, where a florist was busy twisting orchids, daisies and roses into flower crowns for everyone to wear, guests adjourned to a table covered in much more stunning spring blooms.

The designer himself was not in town (he’s gearing up to launch his much-awaited beauty collection this summer), but guests sang his praises anyway.

“I do not typically hold items I put on, but I’ve already told them they aren’t having these back,” Rossum mentioned of her electric-blue stilettos.

Von Teese, who brought her sister Sarah Brown as a date, has been a Louboutin fan due to the fact the beginning and is fortunate adequate to have him make her custom creations for her stage shows and every day life. In the lunch, she wore timeless brown crocodile Louboutin pumps having a Zac Posen velvet skirt, hourglass-shaped jacket and long leather gloves. Martha Stewart Paints Her Christian Louboutin Soles Black

The burlesque queen was fresh off a trip to New York City, exactly where she launched her namesake lingerie line at Bloomingdale’s 59th Street shop. “It’s been promoting definitely well,” she said, « and we’re operating on performing an occasion in L.A.”

Goldwyn, a style author and filmmaker, is currently a fan. “I placed a huge order, and I’m wearing a single of the bras now, the Madame X,” she supplied, unbuttoning her dress to reveal the cross-front strap.

Goldwyn, whose 1st book, « Pretty Points: The Final Generation of American Burlesque Queens, » was published in 2006, not too long ago completed her second book, about prostitution in 1890s Los Angeles. And she’s currently adapted it for any Tv pilot.

Busy ladies.

Christian Louboutin’s Passage collection, $1,795 for the mini-messenger to $4,995 for exotic materials, will arrive in stores in June.

Christian Louboutin, YSL both claim victory in red-sole shoe case

Within the battle from the red sole against design property Yves Saint Laurent, luxe shoe brand Christian Louboutin won a restricted victory immediately after an appeals court granted trademark protection for a number of its footwear with lacquered red bottoms.

The U.S. Appeals Court in Manhattan overturned a reduce court selection by deciding that Louboutin footwear which have red soles combined using a diverse colour best are protected beneath trademark, while a shoe design that’s a monochromatic red all over can’t be protected.

That indicates Louboutin can theoretically avert yet another designer from putting out a black stiletto using a red sole, as an example, but not a red stiletto using a red sole. The contrasting red bottom is « an identifying mark firmly associated with » Christian Louboutin, the court decided.

The selection overturns the ruling by a decrease court judge last year dismissing Louboutin’s bid to obtain a temporary injunction and avoid Yves Saint Laurent from promoting red-soled footwear that allegedly resembled its personal styles.

The appeals judge did not grant the injunction, nevertheless, and sent the case back for the trial judge.

“We hold that the lacquered red outsole, as applied to a shoe with an ‘upper’ of a unique colour, has ‘come to identify and distinguish’ the Louboutin brand and is therefore a distinctive symbol that qualifies for trademark protection,” the court said.

But both firms at this point are claiming victory.

Louboutin lawyer Harley Lewin told Reuters that the ruling will allow the corporation  » to guard a life’s operate as the very same as embodied in the red sole discovered on his women’s luxury footwear, » Lewin mentioned.

Jyotin Hamid, a YSL lawyer, mentioned in an interview that the ruling is really a win for his group because the court affirmed that YSL’s monochromatic red shoes didn’t infringe on copyright.


Hamid said the organization, which produced red-soled shoes as far back because the 1970s, was not going to prevent producing these shoes now.

« This will not be a directive against YSL whatsoever » to stop producing red-soled shoes, Hamid stated. « There is only vindication that what we are carrying out at this time is fine. »

Christian Louboutin gets partial victory in red-sole-shoe case

Inside a legal battle over red soles, luxe shoe brand Christian Louboutin won a limited victory over style house Yves Saint Laurent when an appeals court granted trademark protection for a few of its footwear with lacquered red bottoms.

The U.S. 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals in Manhattan overturned a lower-court choice by deciding that Louboutin shoes that have red soles combined using a different colored top are protected below trademark, when a shoe design and style that may be red all more than can’t be protected.

That suggests Louboutin can theoretically protect against a further designer from putting out a black stiletto with a red sole, for instance, but not a red stiletto using a red sole. The contrasting red bottom is « an identifying mark firmly associated with » Christian Louboutin, the court decided.

Final year a federal trial judge dismissed Louboutin’s request to get a temporary injunction to prevent Yves Saint Laurent from promoting red-soled shoes that allegedly resembled its personal designs.

The appeals court didn’t grant the injunction, having said that, and sent the case back towards the trial judge.

« We hold that the lacquered red outsole, as applied to a shoe with an ‘upper’ of a diverse color, has ‘come to recognize and distinguish’ the Louboutin brand and is for that reason a distinctive symbol that qualifies for trademark protection, » the court said.

Each firms are claiming victory. Best Style Quotes: Christian Louboutin, Karl Lagerfeld and More Share Their Words Of Wisdom On Shoes

Louboutin lawyer Harley Lewin told Reuters that the ruling will enable the French enterprise « to shield a life’s function because the exact same as embodied within the red sole discovered on his women’s luxury footwear. »

Jyotin Hamid, a Yves Saint Laurent lawyer, stated in an interview that the ruling is actually a win for his client simply because the court affirmed that its monochromatic red footwear didn’t infringe on copyright.

Hamid mentioned the company, which has made red-soled footwear since the 1970s, was not going to prevent making those shoes now.

« This is not a directive against YSL whatsoever » to cease producing red-soled shoes, Hamid stated. « There is only vindication that what we are doing at this time is fine. »

Christian Louboutin vs. YSL ‘Red Soles’ Court Case Requires A new Twist

As a single style court case heats up, a further (just about) draws to a close.

Christian Louboutin SA has emerged victorious in its battle against Yves Saint Laurent: a new York federal court of appeals has granted Louboutin trademark protection more than its signature red sole, according to Women’s Put on Every day.

The case has been ongoing because April 2011 when Christian Louboutin sued YSL for utilizing red soles on the bottom of its pumps. The lawsuit, which demanded $1 million in damages, stated, « Defendants’ use of red footwear outsoles which can be virtually identical to plaintiffs’ Red Sole Mark is probably to bring about and is causing confusion, mistake and deception amongst the relevant getting public. »

The 2011 suit was based on a trademark granted to Louboutin in 2008. Filed together with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Workplace, the trademark states that Louboutin has the exclusive correct to create red-soled shoes for « women’s higher fashion designer footwear. »

But when Louboutin’s suit against Yves Saint Laurent came before U.S. District Judge Victor Marrero in August 2011, Judge Marrero questioned the legitimacy of such a trademark inside the 1st place, calling it « overly broad. » The whole YSL group agreed: David Bernstein, a lawyer representing YSL, told the Wall Street Journal, « No designer ought to be capable of monopolize a colour in fashion. »

Louboutin’s group appealed the district court decision pretty much promptly and Judge Marrero postponed a selection on irrespective of whether to cancel the 2008 trademark until the appeals court created its ruling. Now, based on Women’s Put on Everyday, the federal appeals court has decided to reject the earlier ruling, stating that Louboutin is entitled to its trademark on red soles, except when the whole shoe is red.

Except that the YSL shoes had been completely red, i.e. the battle is not over. With the new ruling to think about, the case will return towards the reduce court for assessment by a trial judge.

And that is been your biannual update on the Louboutin vs. YSL « red sole » battle.

Christian Louboutin to launch beauty collection in 2013

Louboutin red is not just for the soles of sky-high stillettos any longer. Shoe designer Christian Louboutin is branching out into beauty.

His luxury French organization is pairing with Batallure Beauty, which helps create brands for example Abercrombie & Fitch, Macy’s, Marchesa and Sephora, to launch the Christian Louboutin Beaute line in late 2013. Sephora, a cosmetics and fragrance retailer, happens to stock perfumes from a further well-known shoe titan: Jimmy Choo.

Louboutin, who founded his enterprise in Paris in 1991, has never ventured into cosmetics before. The new offerings will feature “luxury beauty products across a number of classifications,” in line with a statement Friday.

Does that mean eye products? Nail polish? Everyone’s keeping their (probably immaculately painted) lips sealed.

Chances are, even so, that the line will feature the lustrous red that marks the bottoms of each Louboutin shoe. The designer is so attached towards the hue that he’s suing Yves Saint Laurent in U.S. federal appeals court after trying unsuccessfully to get the venerable French style home to quit selling shoes inside a similar shade.

Within the meantime, Louboutin is keeping busy also producing handbags and designing a glass slipper forWalt Disney Co. in honor in the Blu-ray and DVD release from the classic film »Cinderella »this fall.


Louboutin footwear are popular around the world amongst the well-heeled set. The towering, expensive spikes have been spotted around the « Sex and the City »cast, various dictators’ wives, the Kardashians and Angelina Jolie.

Speaking of Jolie, her eventual hubby Brad Pitt is making an unconventional luxury move himself. The movie star has just been tapped as the new face for Chanel No. 5 – a famous women’s fragrance.

Christian Louboutin y Disney crean zapatos inspirados en Cenicienta

Todas nos acordamos de la historia de Cenicienta (Cinderella) y su zapato perdido. Al huir del castillo, antes de que se rompiera el hechizo de su hada madrina, a la pobre se le cayó la zapatilla de cristal en las escaleras. El príncipe con quien había bailado esa noche recogió la pieza, y con ella en mano, se dispuso a buscar por todo el reino a la chica que lo había conquistado. Por mucho, ese zapato es uno de los más icónicos de la literatura y el cine. Con eso en mente, el magnífico Christian Louboutin y Disney se dispusieron a crear un dise?o moderno inspirado, precisamente, en la princesa del cuento.

« Cenicienta no es solo un personaje icónico cuando hablamos de belleza, gracia y amor en los cuentos de hadas, sino también cuando se trata de zapatos », explicó a través de un comunicado el dise?ador Christian Louboutin, quien fue invitado por Disney para reimaginar el famoso zapato que acaba de ser develado en la semana de Alta Costura en París.

« El zapatito es la varita mágica que conjura confianza, belleza y amor », Christian Louboutin.
Louboutin trató de conservar la magia del zapato de cuento, pero a?adiéndole un toque moderno. El dise?o lleva encaje adornado con cristales, así como un par de mariposas, una en el empeine y otra detrás del taco cubierto de cristal. Lo que no podía faltar son las suelas rojas de la marca. « Su personaje y su historia me dictó el dise?o, estaba todo en las páginas y en las palabras del cuento » explica el dise?ador.

El resultado es una hermosa obra de arte, delicada, femenina, de ensue?o. Una pieza que espera el momento en que el príncipe la tome y la calce en el pie de su amada.

Con qué se pondrían estos tacones, chicas?

Blake Lively To Marie Claire: Christian Louboutin Will Make My Wedding Shoes, Of Course

Blake Lively may be self-effacing when it comes to her acting skills. But she has no problem admitting the incredible access and privilege her fame brings — especially inside the fashion world.

In her new interview with Marie Claire (previewed by, the lithe, blonde « Gossip Girl » star reminds us once again that she just isn’t like us.

« Maybe it sounds jerky, » she tells Marie Claire’s Nina Garcia, « but I’m fortunate to become on such a fashion-centric show [Gossip Girl]. There’s no designer I don’t have access to. » And around the subject of her future wedding:

« What I planned before I got into the business has changed, » she says. « Now I’m like, ‘Hmm, I wonder what shoes Christian [Louboutin] is going to produce me. And which couture residence need to I go to?’  »
But of course. Christian is actually a FOB (Friend Of Blake), naming a shoe immediately after her, giving her personal style advice and gifting her his complete Spring 2012 collection. In short, it’s good to become Blake.

To be fair, the star has acknowledged how lucky she is to live a life of fame and fortune. « For me, this other stuff — nicely, the perks — isn’t the reason I do the job, » she once told Interview. « Couture style week, getting to meet Karl Lagerfeld and John Galliano and Christian Louboutin is so exciting. [...] But at the end of the day I wouldn’t be there without my job. There are a few factors in life that matter above all else: your family, your friends, your loved ones. »

And by « loved ones, » we assume she indicates Ryan Reynolds. Some girls really do have all the luck.

Read more at and and get a glimpse of her Marie Claire shoot below. Seriously, how gorgeous does she look?

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Longchamp Le Pliage

2008 marked the 60th year of Longchamp’s existence. This classic French brand has had its fair share of elegant marketing and products. Today it is well known for the beautiful designs, both in canvas and in leather. But that is not how the company began.

In 1948, Jean Cassegrain inherited his family tobacco shop and with his great inventive mind, decided to cover the pipes in leather. The leather covered pipes began to take off and become a luxury item that no one could get anywhere but Cassegrain’s store. He had to pick a name for his shop and so he settled on Longchamp. He would walk by a horse race track in Paris that was called Longchamp, translating as « long field » and he decided that would be a good name for his new leather company. Longchamp eventually expanded to purses, leather goods, and many other accessories.

Philippe Cassegrain (Jean Cassegrain’s son) is currently the head of the Longchamp Company. The accessories that company creates continue to expand. Longchamp has continued the tradition of designing top quality pieces that are both stylish and classy. longchamp – HANDBAGS – from aound;100 to aound;200 – The Telegraph Fashion Shop

In 1993, Longchamp introduced its « Le Pliage » line, a collection of foldable travel bags made of vinyl and leather trim.

Longchamp’s most popular line is the Le Pliage collection. There are several reasons for its popularity among both teenagers and adults. While the bag may seem pricy compared to other generic bags on the market, the price point is very reasonable considering the craftsmanship and allure of the Longchamp brand. It’s great to be able to own a quality bag that is both beautiful and practical.

The Longchamp Le Pliage collection includes a canvas surface that makes clean up a breeze. The bag also folds up and snaps closed to a very convenient small traveling size when not in use. Leather accents on both the handles and top flap give the items within the Le Pliage collection a signature and stylish look that has an international appeal. The quality and style of the Le Pliage collection is recognized and enjoyed worldwide.

Pliage is French for « fold », which is exactly what this flexible bag can do. It literally folds up into a small pouch that can be stored anywhere and is perfect for travel. Le Pliage comes in a variety of colours and ranges in size from a cosmetics bag to a small handbag to an oversized duffel.


Almost every season there is an interesting collaboration with contemporary artists and celebrities, who create their prints for Le Priage.

Each bag is made in France from a satiny durable nylon and is accented with rich brown leather handles. It is so well designed that you can carry just about anything in it and it still feels light and comfortable.

Longchamp Le Pliage Shoulder Tote

Kate’s Longchamp Le Pliage shoulder tote is one of her staple bags. The Duchess has been photographed carrying it on a number of occasions, including throughout the 2012 London Olympics.

You’ll often see Kate carrying her Longchamp Le Pliage bag on shopping trips too, usually in candid photographs. Most recently, Kate carried the bag during her outing buying bits and pieces reportedly for Kensington Palace.

The Le Pliage bag, apparently, was inspired by the Japanese art of Origami. It is made from nylon, trimmed in Russian leather and comes in a wide variety of colours to suit all seasons.

The bag is roomy and perfect for carrying all your essentials! A great all-round bag, the Pliage will suit college students lugging books around from class to class, parents who need a Mary Poppins style bag to carry everything apart from the kitchen sink and those full time workers who want to pack a spare change of clothes for the pub after work on a Friday night and STILL have room left over for their lunchbox.

Where to buy the Longchamp Le Pliage Shoulder Tote:
The Le Pliage tote bag can be purchased from a number of retailers, including directly from I’ve selected some of my favourite colours and styles from Nordstrom and Bloomingdales. longchamp – HANDBAGS – up to sound;50 – The Telegraph Fashion Shop

About the Longchamp Le Pliage bag:
Bloomingdales describes the Longchamp Le Pliage bag as follows:
Longchamp’s signature nylon tote in a large size lends sophisticated chic to every look, from city jaunts to weekend getaways. Folds up for ease during travel.
Double shoulder straps
Front flap with snap and top-zip closures, interior pocket
Unlined. Nylon with leather trim. Imported
13″W x 13″H x 7.5″D
10″ drop
Measurements reflect bag when fully opened

Do you own the Longchamp bag? Would you consider buying it – and if so, why? For college? Work? Family? Let me know in the comments section below! Also, do provide links to pics of you with your bag if you like!

Style scoop: Uniqlo, Celio, Longchamp, H&M

GET LUCKY WITH PHARRELL. Fancy a healthy dose of style from the one and only Pharrell Williams? Pop by a UNIQLO store today and check out his collaboration line, i am OTHER, with the Japanese retailer. Williams worked with UT’s creative director, Nigo, and came up with a line of men’s tees in 14 colours and patterns, as well as seven styles of baseball caps each emblazoned with a personal message from Williams. T-shirts are retailing for S$24.90 and baseball caps are priced at S$29.90 at selected UNIQLO stores.

POLO PARTY. If you love your polo tees, you’d do well to head over to Celio’s stores this weekend. Until May 20, simply purchase one polo shirt and get a lower-priced polo for free. Celio’s polo T-shirts are priced from S$33.90 to S$53.90 each. At all Celio stores.

PERSONALISED PERFECTION. You can now personalise your very own Longchamp Le Pliage Cuir leather bag exclusively at the brand’s boutique at Paragon. Pick the perfect size (small, medium or large) and choose from colours such as pink, indigo, lemon, orange, taupe, vermilion and black for the bag as well as the flap, handles, tabs, shoulder strap and lining. You can also add your initials on it after you’re done with the process. Longchamp Le Pliage Cuir Personalised is available until June 30 at Longchamp Paragon. Prices start from S$890 and the bag will be delivered to you in four to five weeks.

SUMMER STYLINGS. The second drop of H&M Loves Music lands in stores next Thursday, and will see a colourful myriad of bohemian sensibilities and festival-ready looks for both men and women. Short-sleeved Hawaiian-print shirts, graphic-print tees, denim shirts, espadrilles and accessories fill the bulk of the men’s range, while distressed denim cut-offs, floral T-shirts, dainty frocks and tunic tops are some of the key women’s pieces you can find in stores next week. Prices range from S$5.90 to S$59.90 at all H&M stores.

Longchamp Bag Review

I have to admit, I take a lot of inspiration from life, and friends. I first saw a review like this on my friend Jade’s fashion Blog . I love her blog and she’s got a lot of great tips and ideas. So, today, I’m doing a review on an iconic bag that can basically be worn during any season.

Price: $125 at
Sizes: Small, Medium,Large
Dimensions: 9 3/4 inch W x 9 3/4 inch H x 5 1/2 inch D(measures small)

Longchamp is an iconic brand that was founded in 1948, and became legendary for their light weight handbags. The handbags are portable, and they are very user friendly. It may seem expensive for $125(since it’s brand name) but the quality is great too. These bags may seem small on the outside, but they are quite spacey and convenient from the inside. I recommend a medium sized one, since the price may vary by size. If you want the full leather versions, they are usually around $300-$600.

This is the classic and bestselling look, called the « Le Pilage ». It has a top zipper with a leather snap, and the handle drop is 8 inches. This bag can be folded up, at a remarkable one inch, so you can carry it with you anywhere you want to go. This handbag is also waterproof, so it can be suitable for all women on all occasions. The bag is also iPad friendly.


I’ve seen these bags at airports a lot, and the pockets are located right where you want them to be. They also include a strap to attach your keys on so you don’t have to go digging for them.

This bag comes in various colors;Billberry,Black,Chocolate(brown),Deep red,Indigo,Natural,Paprika,Slate,Sunshine,White. (Some unique names right?)

I recommend this bag to any girl who wants to be one step ahead, or their new years resolution was to be more organized. To me, this bag is suitable for all personalities. Also check out the entire collection from small leather goods, to more handbags!

Jeremy Scott gets digital for Longchamp

If you’ve been on a Southern California college campus recently, chances are you’ve seen a sort of accessory uniformity among the female students. Layers of chunky jewelry clank and chime in the hallways, Tory Burch flats crowd the pathways and the signature Longchamp Le Pilage handbag is a campus staple, seen plopped down on classroom desks in every color.

Taking into account its success with the college crowd, it’s only fitting that the new Jeremy Scott for Longchamp Le Pilage bags feature a colored computer keyboard print. The bag design, inspired by the growing digital world, is Scott’s 12th collaboration with Longchamp. The bags, which retail for $355, are slated to hit Longchamp stores by the end of this month.

Scott’s keyboard design showed up in his New York Fashion Week fall 2012 presentation when a male model walked the runway in a shirt and pair of pants covered in the colored keys.

Coco Rocha’s Longchamp Campaign Conjures King Kong

Spicing up ad campaigns is the perennial problem of the fashion world. How do you grab people’s attention when there’s so much eye candy elsewehere in fashion magazines?

Longchamp’s latest campaign might do the trick. They’ve enlisted Coco Rocha to model their stylish goods for the fourth consecutive time, and they’ve shaken up the art direction. Rather than go for standard proportions, Longchamp’s urban ads depict Rocha the same size as the skyscrapers that surround her. We get it: The girl’s got legs for days.

Despite how pretty and clean-cut the shots are, we can’t help but think that they were inspired by King Kong — you know, that giant movie monster with an affinity for climbing buildings. Hey, at least this time we know it was Photoshop…

Kate Moss launches bag collection for Longchamp

Kate Moss, supermodel extraordinaire, has added yet another lucrative deal to her expanding business portfolio.

The model-designer, property « tycooness » and sometime rock ‘n’ roll singer, who celebrated her 36th birthday earlier this month, has designed her first handbag collection for the French, luxury leathergoods brand, Longchamp, famous for its foldaway ‘Le Pliage’.

She has been the ‘face’ of the brand for several seasons, and has often been photographed with its bags. But this is the first time she has put her name to a range. The Kate Moss for Longchamp collection was launched in Paris last night when Kate hosted an intimate party for 700 at The Ritz.

Guests included Jamie Hince, Kate’s fiancé, who proposed earlier this month while the couple were in Mustique for a fashion shoot; Carine Roitfeld, the editor-in-chief of French Vogue; the designer, Giambattista Valli; the former ‘muse’ of Yves Saint Laurent, Loulou de la Falaise; the Longchamp family; and rock ‘n’ rollers such as les Plasticines and the Queens of Noize, who performed a live set.

The collection will be launched in London, on Thursday, February 11th, at the Longchamp Boutique, 28 New Bond Street, London W1 (020 7493 5515) and exclusively at ‘The Wonder Room’, at Selfridges, Oxford Street, W1 (0800 123 400).

Kate’s collection is made up of 12 different styles, each one named for one of her favourite haunts in London, such as Soho, Ladbroke, Goldbourne and Gloucester, as well as Glastonbury.

Kate, whose collection for the Topshop chain has been a multi-million pound, soaraway success since she first launched it in the spring of 2007, also recently launched her fourth perfume, Vintage.

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It’s hard to remember a weekend that was this full of must-have launches left and right. Sure, part of that owes to the Air Jordan 11 Low Infrared, but there’s a certain duo of drops that may even be more anticipated — the Air Jordan 6 Celebration Collection release date is set for tomorrow, June 14.
You know the drill by now, surely. (Check out more here, though.) Each shoe sports jaw-droppingly premium leather builds inspired by two famous Michael Jordan celebratory accessories — the brown pair a cigar, the green pair a champagne bottle — with beautifully contrasting accents and championship ring-inspired lacelocks.

Each hits retailers tomorrow, sold separately at $250 apiece, though still almost certainly destined for instant-sellouts. (I mean, look at them.) will stock the shoes at 10am EDT, TWO HOURS LATER than their usual 8am.

However, will still launch their stock at 8am EDT Saturday morning. Air Jordan XVIII – 2003 – Air Jordans Through The Years – Photos –

Air Jordan 4 OREO | Another 2015 Remastering

In 2015, Jordan Brand will undertake a “remastering” of the Air Jordan retro line that will have far-reaching consequences — namely better shoes for the consumer. The project is predicated on bringing a more authentic style to every retro Air Jordan, meaning materials, construction and everything else created to resemble the original Air Jordan models as closely as possible.
Higher quality leather? Check. Throwback branding, including fingers and laces on the Jumpman? Check. And so on. And one of the first shoes to get that premium treatment is this one at which we get a close look today, the returning Air Jordan 4 Oreo.

Embracing the acclaimed albeit long-gone looks of the classic retro+ colorway — it’s been absent from retailers since 1999 — the shoe sports a premium black tumbled leather upper from heel to toe, including the perforated variety in the side-panel in lieu of the IV’s typical netting.

Pale grey affords a level of contrast here and there, along with the speckled white midsole that lends the shoe its moniker.

Look, the nickname’s terrible, as are most sneaker sobriquets, but the looks remain strong a decade-and-a-half later. Does this shape up as one of 2015′s must haves? Expect it in the Spring 2015 collection.

Air Jordan 10 RED CEMENT | Another Remastered Retro

“The Air Jordan 10 Red Cement,” in which we preview another of the upcoming “remastered” retro Air Jordans, this one sporting a premium red leather upper, contrast black tumbled leather at the eyestays, tongue and collar, and pale but striking grey outsole. It’s among the first in the Air Jordan retro overhaul that’ll see materials and styling as close as possible to the original models.
Actually . . . that’s it. Check out a few more shots below, and stay tuned for plenty of updates as the days tick away. At the moment, the shoe is slated for a launch with the Spring 2015 collection.

Air Jordan 3 Black/Sport Blue | Early Looks

The Air Jordan 3 Black/Sport Blue release date is set for August 16th, but you need wait no longer to get another glimpse of the hotly anticipated new colorway.
Seemingly taking the “Black Cement” III and adding in a bit more color, the shoe sports a black tumbled leather upper, with black-on-grey Elephant print on the heel and toe, pale grey on the tongue and collar, and the eponymous shade of bold blue adding pops of color on the eyelets, midsole and liner.

All in all, it seems like the perfect sartorial compromise — a nod to the classics, with a new twist to keep things fresh. Chalk it up as a must-have?

Air Jordan 4 TEAL | First Look at Another Remastered IV

As we reported earlier this week, Jordan Brand is remastering its Air Jordan retro line starting in 2015. That means all future retro Air Jordans will feature construction, materials and styling that’s as similiar as possible to the original model, ramping up quality and making the shoes true throwbacks. As fate would have it, the Spring 2015 collection will be chock-full of Air Jordans 4, 7 and 10, so those will be the first remastered models. And today we get a glimpse at one of said IV’s — the Air Jordan 4 Teal.
The official colorway-name and launch info are still pending, but one thing is clear: the good looks are strong with this one. A deep teal covers the shoe’s premium leather build, set off by brighter tonal netting and accents, while black subtly complements on the heel, wing and parts of the midsole.

It’s not an OG colorway of course, but the easy mix of bold tones and subtle contrast makes it an unmitigated success all the same. Stay tuned for further information.

Air Jordan 11 Low Black/Infrared 23 | Three More Days

Boasting the sleek, stylish cooperation between fashion and sport that’s only afforded by black patent leather, the Air Jordan 11 Low Black/Infrared 23 releases this weekend. But you probably already knew that.
That stealthy patent leather mudguard wraps a black Cordura mesh upper, before a light grey leather heel starkly contrasts. Red then offers a pop of color, appearing on the branding and the translucent outsole’s traction pattern, but that, too, is general knowledge.

So, yeah . . . I guess we’re like CNN and the plane at this point. Check out another round of shots below, and grab the shoe at retailers on Saturday.

Air Jordan 3 Wolf Grey | Another Detailed Look Air Jordan X – 1995 – Air Jordans Through The Years – Photos –

It’s been awhile since we’ve dabbled in Air Jordan 3 Wolf Grey photos. For no good reason, either; it’s one of the year’s more highly anticipated new retro+ colorways, and the release is slowly but surely nearing. So today, this round’s on us.
Bringing a clean, crisp neutrality to the palette — one that offers good looks, but keeps the focus on the iconic design — the shoe sports tumbled grey leather throughout the upper, set off by black on the heel and collar. Silver-in-black Elephant print then adds a pop of flair on the heel, toe and eyestay, a new take on the beloved pattern, while a smoky outsole deftly completes the look.


Believe it or not, after months of waiting the Wolf Grey III is now barely a month away, set to hit retailers July 19. Keep it locked to NB for further information and potential updates, and check out a slew of photos below, courtesy of MS.

More of Saturday’s Air Jordan 11 Low INFRARED 23

We’re in the end days here. The Air Jordan 11 Low Infrared 23 releases in under a week, the final lowtop XI of the year, although thankfully not the year’s final XI of any sort. (Midtop AJ11 Columbia in December, remember.)
Think of it as a “Space Jam” spinoff of sorts: Same commitment to black on the patent-and-mesh upper, but lower and a bit more colorful thanks to grey leather on the heel, and red traction on the icy outsole. Granted, the lowtop isn’t the classic XI style, but summer is upon us; when better to lighten up your kicks a bit?

Grab a pair this Saturday, with retailers nationwide stocking them and likely selling out nearly instantly. Plan accordingly. Details and plenty of photos below.

Air Jordan 6 Black/Infrared Release in 2014?

The Year of the VI continues with another unmitigated classic, albeit reportedly not for another several months. The Air Jordan 6 Black/Infrared will certainly get its time in the sun in 2014, and probably on Black Friday.

It’s fitting that the year’s biggest shopping day would feature the shoe, as the Black/Infrared VI will likely wind up being one of the year’s most anticipated. Launching solo for the first time since the turn of the millennium — it hit stores in 2010 too, but came packaged with its white counterpart — the shoe remains stylishly faithful to the original.

Buttery black nubuck builds out the upper, with light red accents appearing on the heel and midsole, and a translucent blue outsole. If you’re scoring at home, the shade of red skews fairly light, perhaps of the “Infrared 23” variety.

Further details as they develop, but start targeting late November.

Jordan Brazil Pack Release Date, Official Photos

The 2014 World Cup, hosted by Brazil, finally kicks off this week, with the first match scheduled for June 12. And while Jordan Brand’s primary interest is the basketball court, they’re set to crossover to the pitch and honor that most important of sports events with the Jordan Brazil Pack. Today we get our best look yet at the duo.
The pack is comprised of two models, the Air Jordan 6 Brazil and Jordan CP3.VII AE Brazil, each of which accent black uppers — leather on the VI, synthetic on the CP3 — with Brazil-appropriate shades of green and yellow.

A true pack — ie both shoes are sold together — the Jordan Brazil Pack release date is set for June 21, with retail set for $500. An apparel collection supporting the shoes will launch June 12 to coincide with Brazil’s World Cup-opening match against Croatia.

Air Jordan 6 “Celebration” Pack Unboxing

As two of the most expensive singular Air Jordan releases of all time, you should probably do your homework before you purchase either of the $250 kicks included in the Air Jordan 6 “Celebration” Pack. Dropping individually this upcoming weekend, these high-class Air Jordan 6 designs are inspired by the cigar and champagne favorites of Michael Jordan and his NBA Championship celebrations. With unique materials and exquisite detailing, it takes more than stock photos to appreciate these premium pairs. Get a video preview of the entire collection down to its packaging in our latest Unboxing.

Jordan Future Black/White

The black and white edition of the Jordan Future is almost here. Following an initial rollout with glow-in-the-dark soles and multicolored uppers, the Jordan Future Black/White continues the model’s recent trend of two-tone compositions. Simplistically styled with a solid black woven upper and a translucent black outsole, the only contrast comes from a pure white midsole, gold lace tips, and a gold Jumpman logo on each tongue. Get an up-close and personal look at the black and white Future below, and tell us if these are on your list of kicks to cop this weekend in the feedback space underneath.

Air Jordan 3 “Colorado Rockies” PE Cleat

One of the rare Air Jordan retro cleats that is frequently spotted on the diamond is now available for purchase on eBay. Spotted today is the Air Jordan 3 “Colorado Rockies” PE, a rare and exclusive mile-high cleat makeup of the famed Air Jordan 3. Produced to pop with either Colorado’s home or away button-ups, these cleats feature a deep purple upper with cool grey elephant print and accents. Get a closer look below, and if you’re a size 11 or a Rockies fan, pick these up.

Air Jordan XX8 SE “Red Velvet” Maya Moore PE Available in Charity Auction

Bonafide benefactress Maya Moore is back to her giving ways, putting her special Air Jordan XX8 SE “Red Velvet” PE up for auction to benefit The United Way. Recently received in celebration of her 25th birthday on June 11th, Moore’s Air Jordan XX8 SE is inspired by her favorite red velvet cake dessert. Bringing the party to the court, the reigning WNBA Champion donned these tasty exclusives over the weekend against the Phoenix Mercury. The makeup of these celebratory Air Jordans feature a deep-red and white upper, finished off with a speckled midsole and the “MM” logo on the tongues. Get a better look at the size 12.5s below, and bid generously on these game-worn one of ones for charity here.

Jimmy Rollins Wears New Air Jordan 13 PE Cleat

Last week against the Cubs, Jordan Brand slugger Jimmy Rollins became the Phillies all-time hit leader. He made history in an all red-rendition of the Air Jordan 13 Cleat, playing to team tones and matching his Jumpman branded batting gloves. Yesterday, JR continued his kick streak by breaking out a Red/Grey AJ 13 Cleat PE. Fans of Base Kicks may recall that JB has a long history of rewarding their stars on the diamond with new cleats to celebrate their accolades, seen on the Air Jordan 11 PE made for CC Sabathia. Get a look at Jimmy’s cleats below, and congrats to Mr. Rollins on breaking the franchise record.


Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Gym Red” Release Date

The Air Jordan 1 Retro High OG “Gym Red” blends the most topical, tonal take on the model with team shoe styling. An all-red upper is reminiscent of you-know-whose shoes, with white branding and midsole contrast departing from the drenched do-up. Leather and suede keep it classic, with nylon nuances playing to a vintage aesthetic. Get a preview of this pair in the photo above and look for this Air Jordan 1 to launch at select Jordan Brand accounts on June 28th.

Air Jordan 6 Black/White Set to Release?

June 2014 has been the month of the Air Jordan 6, with the soccer spotlight inspiring a “Brazil” makeup, and the launch of both “Champagne” and “Cigar” renditions of the model. Today, we get a first look at a brand new style code that could be an upcoming design on the schedule. First snapped by @bilskii, this Black/White Air Jordan 6 is straight forward with a black suede and leather upper, sitting on top of a white speckled midsole and ice blue outsole, bearing striking resemblance to a custom AJ 6 for Andy Oliver that we featured three years ago. Get a better look at the latest prospective Air Jordan retro below, and tell us what you think of the colorway in the feedback space underneath.

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Marc Jacobs Packing His Louis Vuitton Bags After 16 Years

Marc Jacobs, one of the greatest American talents to conquer the perilous stage of French fashion with a 16-year career as the designer of Louis Vuitton, during which he produced megahit accessories and elaborate runway spectacles, is leaving the company to focus on his signature business in New York.

Bernard Arnault, the chairman of the luxury conglomerate LVMH, said on Wednesday that the company has come to an agreement with Mr. Jacobs and that it plans to take the Marc Jacobs company public, possibly within the next three years. The Marc Jacobs business has been majority owned by LVMH for the last decade, and a public offering was described as a strategy to separate the Jacobs business from LVMH without requiring the designer to raise equity or take on other partners.

“When we started together, Marc Jacobs was a tiny little business of around $20 million,” Mr. Arnault said. “Now the totality of sales is approaching $1 billion. It has been an enormous growth.”

Mr. Arnault and other members of the Arnault family, including his daughter, Delphine, an executive vice president of Louis Vuitton, attended the company’s runway show on Wednesday morning, when reports that Mr. Jacobs, 50, would leave the company were first confirmed. Now Screening | Louis Vuitton – Video –

And it was clear to guests the moment they walked into the show, held in the Cour Carrée of the Louvre, that it was intended as a statement that it was Mr. Jacobs’s last. Inside a large tent built especially for the show was a stage that included several elements from his elaborate shows of seasons past: a functional carousel on one side, a bubbling fountain on the other, as well as escalators, two antique elevators and a large railway station clock, a memory from a show in March 2012 during which a full-scale model train pulled onto the runway, and the floor of a hotel from last year’s show in March.

All of it was painted black.

“It’s like a funeral,” said Edward Enninful, the fashion and style director of W magazine, as he entered the show.

The show was also an exquisite romp through the history of Mr. Jacobs at Vuitton, described by the designer as a tribute “to the showgirl in all of us,” with a combination of elaborate feather headdresses and black evening gowns with sheer insets and American sportswear looks, including loose jeans, football uniform pants and a varsity jacket that said “Paris” on the back. It began with a model who wore a transparent bodysuit with the name of the label written all over in a repeating black graffiti-style logo that was originally created by Stephen Sprouse for a Vuitton handbag design in 2000.

Those intentionally defaced handbags were both a metaphor for Mr. Jacobs’s irreverent approach to stuffy French fashion, and also among the most successful in the history of the company. Although a risky move, they re-established the label as a luxury powerhouse and spawned an international craze for Vuitton bags.

At the end of the show on Wednesday, Anna Wintour, the editor of Vogue, led a standing ovation, an exceedingly rare event at fashion shows, and she was soon joined by the entire American press, as well as the Arnault family.

Backstage, Mr. Jacobs was ebullient, but he would not comment on his exit, beyond saying: “Farewell? I never say farewell.”

His departure had been expected for several months, though it was not clear until Wednesday that he was definitively leaving.

While Vuitton executives had been preparing for just that event, and are said to be courting the former Balenciaga designer Nicolas Ghesquière as a successor, they had simultaneously continued discussions with Mr. Jacobs until as recently as September. Last week, Reuters reported the fate of the contract negotiations, which began in January, was in doubt and noted the significance for a label that accounts for annual sales of nearly 7 billion euros (about $9.3 billion) and more than half of LVMH’s operating profits. Louis Vuitton’s growth, after years of annual gains of 10 percent or more, has slowed to 5 to 6 percent this year, while LVMH has not kept track with the broader European luxury sector, the Reuters report noted.

Also last week, Vuitton announced that it had hired Darren Spaziani, most recently the director of accessories at Proenza Schouler in New York, to develop a higher-end collection of accessories. Mr. Spaziani had also worked previously with Mr. Jacobs at Louis Vuitton and with Mr. Ghesquière at Balenciaga, prompting further speculation that a bigger change in creative direction was in the works. Editors and retailers reacted positively to the news after the show.

“Marc is absolutely significant to fashion,” said Ken Downing, the fashion director of Neiman Marcus. “But as we have seen at many other houses, designers have taken a hiatus or been replaced by other talents.”

“Fashion is an industry of change,” he added.

Mr. Jacobs, after a famously ill-fated early career at Perry Ellis, started his signature company 20 years ago and joined Vuitton in 1997 at the beginning of a period of rapid growth in the luxury sector. The period also marked the beginning of an intense competition between the two major luxury conglomerates, LVMH and Kering (formerly known as PPR, and before that Gucci Group), as they acquired virtually every historic fashion brand in Europe, as well as some in the United States. COMPANY NEWS; LOUIS VUITTON DENIED INJUNCTION AGAINST DOONEY sBOURKE – New York Times

Mr. Jacobs’s tenure at Vuitton became one of the most successful revivals of a historic French house, and the longest-running, apart from Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel and Fendi, spawning what has become a standard business model to place contemporary designers at fashion labels. While Vuitton’s ready-to-wear has become a substantial business, its accessories have been the most important money makers for LVMH, including collaborations with Mr. Sprouse and the artists Takashi Murakami and Richard Prince.


The departure of Mr. Jacobs, who is also seen as a potential successor to Mr. Lagerfeld at Chanel someday, also comes during a Paris season that has been filled with great fashion moments and even greater intrigue. Executives on both sides have said privately over the last week that there had been tension between the designer and LVMH, with each side leaking details of its frustrations in order to manipulate the possible outcomes. But they ultimately reached an agreement that was in their mutual interests, they said.

Both LVMH and Kering are once again making investments in young designer labels at a rapid pace, with J. W. Anderson and the shoe designer Nicholas Kirkwood joining LVMH, and Joseph Altuzarra and Christopher Kane now linked with Kering.

Meanwhile, Mr. Jacobs, with his longtime business partner, Robert Duffy, has increasingly sought to develop the Marc Jacobs label and its lower-priced collections. During similarly fraught contract negotiations a decade ago, the team won significant commitments from LVMH, the majority owner of the brand, to further develop its retail and design.

The news of Mr. Jacobs’s plans come amid a flurry of I.P.O activity in the fashion industry. The apparel line Vince has filed for a stock offering, with plans to spin off from its holding company, the Kellwood European Luxury brand. Moncler also intends to float shares in an I.P.O. later this year, said a person briefed on its plans.

Wall Street bankers said that the success of Michael Kors’s I.P.O. is driving much of the interest in high-fashion stock. Shares of Michael Kors have tripled since December 2011, making it one of the most successful offerings in recent years. Mr. Kors made hundreds of millions of dollars taking his company public, and his private equity backers have made billions.

The potential of a Marc Jacobs public offering has been described as an opportunity for Mr. Jacobs and Mr. Duffy to further invest in their brand. But for that to happen, it was seen by executives on both sides as necessary for Mr. Jacobs to return full time to his own company.

Hermès in Talks for Potential Sale of Gaultier Stake

Hermès — the French maker of Birkin and Kelly handbags that is fending off advances from the LVMH Mo?t Hennessy Louis Vuitton luxury conglomerate — said Friday it had begun talks to sell its 45 percent stake in the Jean Paul Gaultier fashion house.

Hermès has received expressions of interest from several international luxury firms that develop global brands, and from non-luxury Asian firms that know the region, for its holding in the Gaultier brand, which has been recovering from a sharp drop in sales after the financial crisis hurt its bottom line.

Mr. Gaultier is looking to raise capital to develop his ready-to-wear line more aggressively in Asia and North America, and Hermès would only sell shares to a partner who would agree to such a strategy, said
Damien Bachelot, the president of Aforge, a French mergers and acquisitions firm that manages financial transactions for Mr. Gaultier. The designer may also seek to raise additional capital separately, he said.

“Mr. Gaultier doesn’t want to sell, but on the other hand he wants to have a partner,” said Mr. Bachelot. “No option is closed.” Despite a 19 percent slump in Gaultier sales in 2009, which rebounded last year, Hermès is not rushing to exit, he added.

Christelle Denef, a spokeswoman for Hermès, declined to comment, but said the announcement did not necessarily mean the company would sell its entire stake.

Jelka Music, a spokeswoman for Gaultier, said: “We are aware that Hermès has been approached, but it is too early to say what will happen.’’

Jean-Louis Dumas, the former patriarch of Hermès, recruited Mr. Gaultier, who had a reputation as the bad boy of fashion, in 2003 to design ready-to-wear collections. His headline-grabbing couture included conical-shaped bras for Madonna and skirts for men.

While Mr. Gaultier brought buzz to the house, Hermès never built it into a hard-charging high-fashion group that would take on the likes of Gucci, owned by Pinault Printemps Redoute, or Christian Dior, owned
by LVMH.

In fact, the LVMH chairman, Bernard Arnault, passed over Mr. Gaultier and hired the British designer John Galliano to revitalize the Dior fashion house 15 years ago. Soon after, Mr. Gaultier began to self-finance his own line.

LVMH, which has aggravated the Hermès family by taking a stealth 20 percent stake in the company, is not interested in buying Hermès’s shares in Gaultier, said Olivier Labesse, a spokesman.

Mr. Gaultier’s seven-year honeymoon with Hermès faded after Mr. Dumas’s death last May. Two months later, the designer ceded his role and was eventually replaced by Christophe Lemaire, who had been designing for Lacoste since 2000.

Hermès bought 35 percent of the Gaultier brand in 1999 for $23 million, and took another 10 percent share from the designer in 2008 for about 3 million euros. The Gaultier fashion house gets most of its revenue from ready-to-wear licenses and perfumes, and to a lesser extent, from sales of accessories.

The announcement comes amid the changing makeup of the luxury industry. Prada, the Italian fashion house seeking to raise cash, this week applied for an initial public offering on the Hong Kong stock exchange, a move that could allow the company to be listed by the middle of the year. In March, LVMH moved to take control of high-end bobble maker Bulgari.

Celebrity designers rework iconic Louis Vuitton monogram


Six of the world’s hottest creative talents have reimagined the French brand’s monogram in a new project titled ‘The Icon and The Iconoclasts’.

The Icon And The Iconoclasts is a special project instigated by Louis Vuitton to celebrate the iconic Monogram, first created in 1896 by the eponymous founder’s son Georges Vuitton.

Footwear legend Christian Louboutin, artist Cindy Sherman, architect Frank Gehry, Chanel and Fendi creative director Karl Lagerfeld, designer Marc Newson and Comme des Garcons founder Rei Kawakubo were brought together by the brand for the project. The sextet have been given carte blanche to create new bags and accessories using and reimagining the famous monogram print.

It was Delphine Arnault, executive vice president of Louis Vuitton, and the brand’s creative director Nicolas Ghesquiere who first dreamed up the idea.

“When we talked with Nicolas Ghesquiere about the extraordinary talents we would like to approach we simply went to those who are among the best in their fields,” says Arnault, explaining her choice of the talents.

“We were interested in people who work with their minds and their hands. I thought it was so interesting – and fun! – to have all of these different points of view on the Monogram. It is inspiring to see how they envision things, to see their perspectives. This is a group of geniuses.”

The limited edition pieces will appear for sale in selected Louis Vuitton stores around the globe from mid-October this year, with a launch event set to take place in New York City on Nov 7.

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Dior Fires John Galliano After Bigotry Complaints

The French fashion house Christian Dior said Tuesday that it would dismiss its chief designer, John Galliano, soon after the surfacing of a video that showed his anti-Semitic outbursts at a Paris bar.

Within a short statement, Sidney Toledano, Dior Couture’s chief executive, stated he condemned ‘‘in the strongest terms’’ Mr. Galliano’s words, ‘‘which are in total contradiction with the crucial values which have often been defended by the Christian Dior house.’’

Dior, however, was still planning to go ahead with its autumn/winter 2011 ready-to-wear show on Friday as part of Paris fashion week. A spokeswoman for any separate label, John Galliano, mentioned its women’s put on show would also go ahead as scheduled Sunday.

Known as the ‘‘bad boy’’ of the style planet for his flamboyant and provocative style, Mr. Galliano helped to energize Dior soon after he joined it in 1996 as inventive director, rising sales and creating it a jewel from the LVMH Mo?t Hennessy Louis Vuitton luxury-goods empire run by the French billionaire Bernard Arnault. LVMH also owns the John Galliano line. Olivier Labesse, a spokesman for LVMH, did not return calls seeking comment around the designer’s function there.

The departure of one of its most important designers has left the fashion planet buzzing with concerns. Dior, which was founded in 1945, is one of the couple of labels still specializing in haute couture. The Scene | Paris Men’s Fashion Week: Louis Vuitton Fall/Winter 2014 –

In its statement, Dior said it had ‘‘immediately suspended relations’’ with Mr. Galliano and ‘‘initiated dismissal procedures.’’ It cited the ‘‘particularly odious comments’’ contained within the video posted Monday.

The video was posted on the net website from the British tabloid newspaper The Sun. It appeared to show Mr. Galliano taunting patrons at a Paris bar, declaring inside a slurred voice that ‘‘I appreciate Hitler’’ and that ‘‘people like you’d be dead,’’ and ‘‘your mothers, your forefathers’’ would all be ‘‘gassed.’’ It was unclear when the video was recorded or who recorded it.

Then, late Monday, the actress Natalie Portman strongly condemned Mr. Galliano, saying in a statement that she was ‘‘deeply shocked and disgusted by the video.’’ She added, ‘‘as an individual who is proud to be Jewish, I will not be linked with Mr. Galliano in any way.’’

Ms. Portman recently signed an endorsement cope with Dior for its Miss Dior Chérie perfume. There had been speculation that she would select a Galliano design and style for the Academy Awards ceremony Sunday. Rather, Ms. Portman wore a gown in the fashion property Rodarte. It was not yet identified no matter whether her contract with Dior would be impacted or how far any intervention by Ms. Portman could possibly have forced the hand of LVMH.

Ahead of the video was released, Mr Galliano had already been questioned by the police, last Thursday, after an incident in the bar, La Perle, in the trendy Marais district of Paris. He has been accused by two other consumers – Geraldine Bloch, 35, and Philippe Virgitti, 41 – of making an anti-Semitic slur.

French law makes it a crime to incite racial hatred; the statute has been made use of inside the past to punish anti-Semitic remarks. The French advocacy group SOS Racisme mentioned that it would support legal proceedings in the event the accusations have been confirmed. ‘‘Mr. Galliano has added to the ignominy of his words with all the cowardice of a denial,’’ it stated inside a statement.

Mr. Galliano’s lawyer, Stéphane Zerbib, did not respond to requests for comment Tuesday. He has denied that Mr. Galliano created any anti-Semitic comments within the incident final week and has submitted testimonials of assistance from staff and witnesses in the bar as portion of defamation complaints filed against Ms. Bloch and Mr. Virgitti. Mr Galliano and his partner, Alexis Roche, could not be reached for comment.

A police spokeswoman also declined to comment Tuesday, except to say that witnesses, like Mr. Galliano, had been questioned Monday inside a police station inside the third arrondissement of Paris, exactly where the bar is positioned, and subsequently released. She referred all concerns for the Paris prosecutor, who did not return calls looking for comment. According to French media reports, the police questioned the owner of La Perle, the bar’s security employees along with other clientele.

1 particular person who witnessed last week’s incident in the bar – Lyes Meftahi, 38, a Parisian, who runs an audiovisual organization – said that Mr Galliano was certainly drunk, speaking slowly and slurring his words. But he said that the designer was keeping to himself and was ‘‘provoked’’ by a lady, who had named Mr. Galliano ‘‘ugly.’’ Mr. Meftahi heard no anti-Semitic slurs and stated that Mr. Galliano himself was threatened with violence at one particular stage for the duration of the altercation.

Mr. Meftahi said Mr. Galliano was a frequent visitor towards the bar, which is close to where he lives. He made use of to turn up in his sport utility vehicle and was accompanied by his driver, who kept a watchful eye more than his client. The bar is frequently frequented by stars, who seem to like the truth that they can drink there discreetly.

Mr. Galliano was suspended by Dior on Friday. The fashion home cited its ‘‘unequivocal zero-tolerance policy concerning anti-Semitism and racism.’’

There was a sense of shock inside LVMH at the extent of Mr. Galliano’s personal complications. The Dior chief, Mr. Toledano, is himself Jewish. The company had initially planned to help keep the designer suspended pending an inquiry, but moved to act swiftly following diffusion with the video. Dior was not however commenting on succession problems.

No matter any legal action, Mr. Galliano will struggle to bounce back strongly inside the fickle and high-octane globe of style, in which there is absolutely no shortage of talented men and women that have been left by the wayside.

‘‘The trouble with fashion is that it’s a hard job and in the finish it tends to make you crazy,’’ said Donald Potard, who runs the fashion consulting firm Agent de Luxe and is really a former chief executive on the label Jean Paul Gaultier. ‘‘There’s so much pressure to make and build each of the time. You should be robust or this job will destroy you.’’

‘‘John’s now going to possess to cross the desert, and when he returns, he may possibly discover that he has few mates,’’ he added. ‘‘It’s a cold, cruel planet.’’

Various persons who’ve interacted with the designer lately mentioned that his behavior had turn out to be erratic and that he had been drinking heavily. Prior to that, Mr. Galliano’s long-term collaborator and confidant Steven Robinson had died at age 38 in Paris in 2007 right after a heart attack.

‘‘It’s a violent finish towards the story,’’ mentioned Gaspard Yurkievich, a Paris-based designer. ‘‘It’s very sad – a human tragedy – it’s ghastly!’’

Observers said that LVMH may possibly have felt compelled to act right after a racist outburst on French tv last year from Jean-Paul Guerlain, a descendant of your founder from the eponymous perfume home, owned by LVMH. Mr. Guerlain was a famous ‘‘nose’’ and had retired from the company some years earlier but remained a consultant.

Some days immediately after the outburst LVMH released a statement condemning ‘‘all forms of racism.’’ It was perceived by several in the business to possess reacted as well slowly.

Back in 2009 the outlook for a lot of fashion houses looked weak. Indeed, two style firms – Christian Lacroix of Paris, which had been to become component of LVMH, and Escada of Germany – had filed for bankruptcy.


But now LVMH seems to be in very good well being right after effectively navigating the monetary crisis and benefiting from demand from the newly affluent, particularly in Asia. The company, which also owns brands like Dom Pérignon Champagne, Hublot watches and Louis Vuitton, said this month that sales in 2010 rose 19 % to €20.three billion, or $28 billion. Net income surged 73 % to €3 billion and also the group improved its dividend.

Mr. Arnault has also taken a 20 percent stake last year inside the rival French style property Hermès International, which has led to even greater fears of dominance by the group more than the fashion business. Coach Files a Complaint Against Louis Vuitton in Japan –

On Best on the Planet

The existing good results of luxury men’s put on – frequently outstripping comparable women’s sales – has given a brand new energy to designers that are displaying in Paris for the 2013 winter season. That change of climate has affected not just self-assurance in the solutions, but also the concentrate on manly, weatherproof clothes that dominates the runways.

So there was an excellent explanation for the Louis Vuitton show on Thursday to be placed – figuratively speaking – “on the top rated with the globe,” because the men’s studio director Kim Jones described his mountain inspiration and Himalayan backdrop.

The guys walked more than shiny-as-ice surfaces, wearing coats marked with faint animal prints, bold snow leopard patterns or cheetah emblems on the chests of sweaters. They carried giant backpacks, rolled ethnic rugs integrated, and tote bags – not least, a single (which need to already have a waiting list) designed by Jake and Dinos Chapman.

The artistic Chapman brothers, who developed the leopard emblem, also put their imprint around the dressy component on the collection, which began with chic and sleek tuxedos and moved into a louche vision of smoking jacket and dressing gown elegance.

This was a fresh and faultless vision, based on Vuitton’s lust for travel. And Marc Jacobs, the general design and style director, was the first to leap to his feet in applause.

Raf Simons has had a change of climate since he took more than the helm at Christian Dior. And his namesake collection seemed to adopt a touch of your grandeur of your couture residence.

“Dandyism,” announced the Belgian designer – working with the word to explain his experimentation having a flourish of a tie pointing upward at the neck, double cuffs left casually open and also a boy-meets-man impact of a patterned sweater showing its sleeves from beneath a fancy shirt.

“It’s not Oscar Wilde. It really is a lot more regarding the psychology of a dandy,” mentioned Mr. Simons, citing an unlikely style inspiration: Puss in Boots, which appeared as a pattern on the knitwear.

This was a fine collection, with a flirty feeling to coats swelling out under the waist. A specific sense of color – eggplant, blue, gum pink and yellow – went proper back for the teenage boys of his earliest collections. So did the sweaters, still using a boyish feel.

But this season, the salt-and-pepper of the Dior couture encounter added towards the fashion feast.

Asian warriors had been the theme at Balmain, proving how robust the influence from the Far East is on international designers.

“I wanted East and West: judo belts, kimono shapes, harem pants and the influence of Chinese lacquered furnishings,” said the Balmain designer Olivier Rousteing, who explained the importance of fine operate from a couture house.

Essentially the most dramatic pieces were gilded jackets with wide obi sashes. The subtext was an homage to David Bowie and his 1983 song “China Girl,” which brought a hip spirit to leather jackets and however one more hint from the dandy.

Rick Owens was prepared for climate transform. Even though he said backstage that “we sell jeans and leather – I wish to celebrate that,” he seemed rather to become embracing the wonderful outdoors. Gloves with furry fingers, tough fur boots, and shaved and fluffy pelts melded into one single jacket all spoke of winter cold, as did the dirty, urban-snow white as a second preferred colour soon after black.

The Rick Owens look is edging ever closer to luxury. With a challenging and turbulent vision that sometimes – as in wood grain stripes or pleated leather – comes off beautifully, it may also be aggressive in its tight shoulder wraps plus the show’s violent soundtrack.

For Viktor & Rolf Monsieur, the fashion journey followed Jules Verne “to the center in the earth” – though whether that furnished the mineral effects gleaming from suit surfaces or inspired the tumbling figure on the backdrop remained a mystery.

Once again, outerwear dominated, well-proportioned and done with the current mix of traditional and techno fabrics. But in the event the style duo had anything more poignant to say, it was lost among blown-up prints of eyeglasses, shoes and giant letters.

The Issey Miyake show developed a concept of silvered and gilded emergency blankets as tailored urban put on. Heat-retaining film was utilised as a coat lining or visible on the exterior, seeming both ergonomic and effective.

A different idea was to redevelop a traditional Japanese woven fabric in an ultralight weight and use it for the square-shaped jackets. Mr. Miyake and his design and style team also wove fabrics from polyester and paper, proving how advanced this home is in stylish sustainability.

Phillip Lim cited a Japanese phrase backstage: “sono mama de” or “as you are.” Those words as well as a decision to base the three.1 Phillip Lim show on biker looks took Mr. Lim into a brand new league. There was such a sense of purpose in these clothes: black leather jackets imprinted with cables, as if in knitting; a Nordic Fair Isle pattern, mostly on jacket backs; camouflage, handpainted to give an artistic impact. And all this on wearable sporty clothes that were also shown in plain black.

At final, the potential of a Thierry Mugler revival has been achieved, because the designer Romain Kremer, with Nicola Formichetti, insinuated a sharp geometry into rounded clothes and let graphic bright or even Day-Glo geometric colour underscore the sense of a superhero.

These clothes, with their military insignia around the chest of a sweater in addition to a bold, rounded silhouette, as opposed towards the original Mugler linear sharpness, gave a clear sense of style.


Behind John Lawrence Sullivan is Arashi Yanagawa, a Japanese designer whose early career was as a professional boxer. But there was nothing aggressive in regards to the collection that the designer named “Electric Africa.”

Bold patterns, as if redrawn from Masai beading, in the neck of sweaters, python-patterned shoes in addition to a jungle of flower patterns competed with plaid and made a collection with clarity and vision.

A version of this review appeared in print on January 18, 2013, inside the International Herald Tribune.

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Scarlet soles are a red rag to feminists’ ideology

The final piece of human architecture to be colonised, sexualised and merchandised was the hard-working, taken-for-granted, out-of-sight sole. The humble base with the shoe. Then Christian Louboutin, trying to find an edge in a field already crowded with look-at-me gimmicks, started to paint the soles of his hand-crafted shoes having a glossy red lacquer.

Now, the signature flash of wealthy red beneath a towering pair of Louboutins has elevated the French designer from trendy to cult. You’d like the Louboutin power strut? Do not expect any modify out of $800. Millions of girls pay, or would like to spend, to join this cargo cult. They see that flash of red as a flash of power.

Christian Louboutin is as massive a commodity-maker as Manolo Blahnik was just before his wave crested together with the tacky embrace of Sex and also the City. The red flash is as massive because the Jimmy Choo fad, which peaked a decade ago, and sexually far more potent. Louboutin is even suing Yves Saint Laurent for trademark infringement right after the YSL style home introduced red-soled stilettos in its final collection. Red soles are hot.

The pervasive power display of females wearing stilettos, despite the style’s innate and clear potential to harm the wearer, isn’t an evolution that feminists from the 1970s could possibly have anticipated. But the planet is an infinitely a lot more complicated place than the a single laid out by Jurassic Feminism. Everyone who nevertheless wants to see the globe via the prism of gender fixation, where females are structural victims and guys are structural oppressors, is locked into a fusty bigotry that the stiletto generations are walking away from.

All the wonderful recent advances made for girls happen to be made by people today – males and ladies functioning collectively. The majority of the legislation that seeks to advance the progress of girls has been passed by legislatures dominated by guys. And no level of government social engineering is going to quit women behaving badly to girls, which occurs all the time. Women bully women. Girls block females inside the workforce.

It’s not all sisterhood. Generally it truly is competitors, exclusion and ridicule. This could apply with much more Darwinian brutality amongst teenage girls. Teenagers are also the most vulnerable for the Terrific Insecurity Machine, and that machine will crank into action in all its glory on May perhaps 2, the first day of Australian Fashion Week.

Currently, the giraffes are starting to collect. Soon they may be strutting and pouting down the runways in the tents at Circular Quay. The giraffes will be the models together with the one-in-a-hundred bodies made use of to project not only the clothes but the ideal of what a woman need to look like. And they’re so incredibly young.

That is the foundation lie fed to women, largely by ladies, through the Excellent Insecurity Machine, the industrial style business. It’s the lie fed by women’s style magazines – by far the most corrupt genre of journalism – and style designers and style retailers. The fashion industry might have a noble purpose – to provide individuals pleasure, make them extra attractive, and more confident – but even more essential is profitability and money flow. In conjunction with the accelerating speed of on the net commerce and social networking, the fashion cycles are quickening. The energy necessary to remain sharp and existing is becoming far more acute. Commercial survival trumps consumer pleasure.

Reality also trumps ideology. Which can be why academic  »feminism » is ageing so badly. The complete edifice of classic feminist ideology, and gender studies, is devolving into an intellectual artifice as grand as Marxism or complex financial derivatives. Academic feminism inside the West has turned out to be tiny more than a further flag of convenience for the left, inside the way the Greens use environmentalism. Christian Louboutin’s Nude Shoe Collection Accommodates More Than One Skin Tone (PHOTOS)

One of the most totemic book from the 1970s wave of feminism, The Feminist Mystique, by Betty Friedan, was written 50 years ago and published in 1963. It became the paradigm with the dubious methodologies and victimologies nonetheless getting marketed on university campuses beneath the brand  »feminist ». Friedan was not a scholar; she was a journalist. She was not oppressed; she was privileged. She was not rigorously impartial; she was a hardline leftist. She was not sincere, and sought to cover up her early operate for the largest Communist-led union in America. She also mined the work of Simone de Beauvoir for her book but gave no credit. Above all, Friedan was a navel gazer. Her feminism was about middle-class, middle-brow white women.

These flaws have been not hers alone. They’re able to nevertheless be found embedded in feminist ideology. We are living inside the middle of a massive global struggle over the rights and freedoms of females, a life-and-death matter for a billion women and girls, and secular middle-class Western feminism is proving irrelevant.

What drove the good modifications now – called the feminist revolution inside the West – was not a wave of brave and articulate women activists, although they had a function, but a thing far deeper and more considerable: the vast demographic deformity caused by World War II. It took two generations to unwind this deformity. Part of that unwinding was the liberation of females from the expectation of domesticity. It occurred because of the actions of millions of people today, males and girls.

Society continues to be wanting to reconcile the distortions brought on by by far the most critical distinction in between the genders: the mothering drive. This really is the bedrock on which household and culture is constructed. But women have to assume all the risks of fertility. It is a basic inequality.

It tends to make today’s fertility and power displays, all those flashes of teetering red, even more loaded with density of meaning.

Special-edition Christian Louboutins attract SoCal’s well-heeled

They came currently shod in Christian Louboutin. At home, they have dozens, even one hundred pairs of your French designer’s shoes, some encased in particular walls in their closets. They’re connoisseurs of his style quirks — the voluptuous hidden platform, the signature red sole, the vertiginous heel. Handful of of his devotees wear them at less than 4 or 5 inches.

But what really beckoned collectors of Louboutin to a particular dinner for him last week at Marche Moderne in South Coast Plaza and after that a shoe-signing at his shop there the next day was the West Coast debut of his special-edition shoe: an open-toe platform high heel in satin, embroidered with colorful beads by the property of Jean-Francois Lesage, edged using a ruffling of chiffon and velvet.

Only 36 pairs have already been created, with some unique orders anticipated. It is referred to as the Marie Antoinette, plus the ankle strap is adorned using a porcelain doll face topped having a rendering of a profuse wig. For the record, the doll and its wig could be slipped off the strap.

« They’re wildly comfortable, » mentioned one particular woman from New York modeling a pair on Monday evening that she had bought in Paris.

The price tag: a breathtaking $6,295. Or, as shoppers ruefully noted, somewhat shy of $7,000 with tax. The shoe comes within a deep turquoise, a watery pale pink and yellow. 3 pairs had been created obtainable for acquire at the South Coast Plaza retailer.

« To me it was an investment, » mentioned the New Yorker, speaking on the pair she had on. Apparently so. She confessed she had purchased a second pair.

By the way, the ones at South Coast Plaza — they’re sold out.

Initially Louboutin-beige blush it seems preposterous, even in terrible taste, for a designer whose footwear routinely retail for $600 and up to introduce a shoe 10 times that price tag through a worldwide recession and dedicate it to Marie Antoinette, the legendary — if misunderstood — icon of excess. But inside the finish, it appears extra like a clever company move. Not just has it been an opportunity to sell shoes, but a chance to additional burnish the luxury brand.


Louboutin disavows either as a objective. He and his pal Lesage, who lives in India, conceived the idea of a collaborative line of shoes two years ago more than lunch, the designer mentioned.

« We had been thinking we should have a collection of what I contact the ‘Cinderella syndrome’ — extremely, extremely few footwear within a pretty quick moment. Just like Cinderella, » Louboutin said throughout an interview last week within a sunny corner of Marche Moderne, just methods from his eponymous store, exactly where a huge selection of fans waited in line for his autograph-signing to start.

Louboutin and Lesage decided to complete a collection depending on queens. Just after an excellent laugh about what type of queens — « it could possibly be a drag queen, a drama queen . . . we know a great number of drama queens » — they chose the French queen, Marie, for the reason that her era was linked with « the decorative arts. »

The fact that the collection was prepared to present smack within the middle of a recession did not faze the designer. « It’s not that I am not sensitive to what happened, » he said, his line-less face sober beneath a slouchy hat. « But it is not linked. When periods are difficult, do you actually desire to add some additional black to folks at that time? It’s not my function in life. And it really is not my job either. » Christian Louboutin Disney

His well-heeled fans agreed.

« Take away something else from me within this undesirable economy, » declared Yvonne Moyano, 38, clad in hot pink heels, certainly one of her 40 to 50 pairs. « Take away my spa, my driver, but not my Louboutins. »

The crowd included muscled spenders, inveterate shoppers and splurgers. One doting mother was getting her daughter a pair for her 21st birthday; another purchased her daughter an $1,100 pair for higher school prom.

« We’re going to reduce back around the dress, » mentioned Charisse Wilson, 40, chuckling.

Christina Ferguson sat on a cushioned bench within the store waiting for any return telephone contact. She coveted the pale pink Marie Antoinettes but wanted her husband’s approval. « Anything over 3, » she stated, laughing when asked what the cut-off was for approval. (She meant $3,000.)

« People assume I am crazy for spending that a lot on a pair of footwear but I feel it really is a piece of art, » said Ferguson, 39. « It’s a statement piece. »

Alexx Shaw, an independent art curator, literally saw them as art. She doesn’t care what size her pink footwear are. (She is finding on the list of special-order pairs.) « I’m not going to put on them. I’m going to collect them. »

« Anything that high priced I am going to put on, I would in no way just hold them someplace, » piped up Ferguson.

Shaw eyed her. « Can I ask you a query? What for those who obtain art? You cannot wear it. »

Whatever the targets for their footwear, revenue was not a stumbling block.

« It’s my dad’s birthday present to me, » mentioned Shaw, who turns 25 in April.

Ferguson and her husband, Don, live in Irvine and personal a health-related clinic. She got a get in touch with back. She described part of the conversation:  » ‘Honey, would you prefer to purchase a piece of art?’ ‘What type of art?’ ‘Shoes?’ ‘No.’  »

But she was laughing as she mentioned it, since he showed up in the retailer and gave his OK.

« Here’s the deal, » Don Ferguson mentioned. « I have my hobbies at the same time. And they’re not affordable. » He looked at the footwear. « And she enjoys them so. »

Later, as they nursed glasses of wine inside a cafe immediately after their enormous acquire, he mused, « I will say, it is a little stiff for shoes. But then we go to New York and lots of factors are highly-priced. »

« I know men and women never like this, » added his wife, « but I am helping the economy. If people never spend, we’ll seriously be within a depression. »


Christian Louboutin holds on to his red soles

In line with a federal appeals court, the answer is yes, though the legal protection might rely on how the colour is used.

The New York-based 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Wednesday that Christian Louboutin could protect against other style homes from copying his distinct use of a red, lacquered outsole on a high-heel shoe of a distinctive color, described by the court as “an identifying mark firmly related with his brand.”

“We hold that the lacquered red outsole, as applied to a shoe with an ‘upper’ of a unique color, has ‘come to recognize and distinguish’ the Louboutin brand and is consequently a distinctive symbol that qualifies for trademark protection,” the court said, overturning a reduce court’s selection. Blake Lively Christian Louboutin

The appeals panel nevertheless ruled that Louboutin has no protection if the colour is utilised on each the outsole as well as the rest with the shoe.

The ruling stemmed from a dispute involving Louboutin and Yves Saint Laurent. Louboutin charged that a YSL higher heel that utilised the red outsole on red high heels violated the Louboutin patent. The appeals court directed the Patent and Trade Office to limit the registration of Louboutin’s “Red Sole Mark” patent only to shoes with red, contrasting outsoles.

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A Season That Defies Its Own Description

So we come towards the end of that interminable, puzzling, ill-defined women?ˉs put on season which is generally known as pre-spring ?a or practically the end, to be completely accurate; there are some more shows dribbling out following the men?ˉs wear spring 2015 collections commence in London this weekend. But you’ve to draw a line somewhere. And obtaining drawn it, we are left with … what exactly?

Some good, non-challenging garments, a thread of Basket Nike Air Max Pas Cher nautical-meets-1970s and an industrywide identity crisis.

It began a month ago having a massive bang when Christian Dior came to the Brooklyn Navy Yard with its show of silk scarf dresses and New Appearfinal week having a flurry of smaller presentations and mini-runway shows from American and European brands (though not all European brands).

A number of the presentations took place in galleries, some took place in showrooms, some took spot in shops, and some incorporated an up-close-and-personal designer narration. And some have been not known as pre-spring at all but, based around the brand, ?°cruise?± or ?°resort?± or just ?°pre-collection?± or ?a

?°It?ˉs known as, ??Everyone is confused!?ˉ ?± Ralph Lauren announced Air Jordan Femme Noir Et Rose immediately after his mini-show of tightly edited navy-and-white polka-dot and striped classics with eye-poppingly unabashed accents of gold, held in his Madison Avenue flagship. ?°Cruise signifies beach, and ??pre?ˉ implies you may ship early. As a retailer, I like that, but as a designer, I obtain it tricky. I dug my personal grave.? Comments | At Louis Vuitton, Young Designers Have Stars in Their Eyes –

Gucci?ˉs creative director, Frida Giannini, agreed. ?°It?ˉs extremely confusing for us,?± she mentioned in her suite in the Carlyle hotel, exactly where she showed her collection of pastel cashmeres, clownishly oversize sailor bottoms and a terrific new take on her signature Flora print, most effective within a swishy spaghetti-strap sundress.

?°I imply, resort? That?ˉs such a crazy phrase,?± stated Michael Kors, who had a series of compact presentations in his showroom total using a running monologue as backdrop to a collection of sweet white eyelet dresses, sable-lined anoraks and tie-dyed suede flares. ?°Are we speaking Palm Beach resort? Phuket resort??±

?°And it lasts forever,?± Carolina Herrera said, laughing, during her presentation-cum-cocktail celebration in her Seventh Avenue showroom. To wit, there was an understated double-face cashmere wrap coat and skirt that could go into her stores in October and daisy-strewn organza ball gowns and lengthy silk dresses produced for dancing beneath the stars in January.

When upon a time, a cruise collection was just that: a niche drop of solution that went into shops in December to provide a little bit taste in the new right after the fall lines had been exhausted and ahead of spring was delivered, and was created having a holiday destination in thoughts. But as stores started demanding item earlier and earlier, sales steadily got reversed, and now the pre-collections (the current pre-spring and pre-fall, which requires spot from December to January) make up approximately 70 % of a label?ˉs seasonal income, simply because they are on shelves at full value to get a full four months. Spring, by contrast, delivers in February and is on sale by May.

However the industry itself can not agree on what exactly is pre-spring (let?ˉs just call it that for logic?ˉs sake). Indeed, finalplace her foot down, and not simply stop bringing her pre-collections to New York, but additionally quit releasing any photos of them till the items basically go into stores. Which was exciting, givenapproach.

It really is, as the Rodgers and Hammerstein song goes, a puzzlement. Henry Racamier Dies at 90; Revitalized Louis Vuitton – New York Times

Part on the tension is financial; only a handful of brands have the economic muscle to take a collection around the road and then place on a mega-show like Chanel, especially provided that the media-client ratio within the audience is one particular to two, and that numerous of those V.I.C.s (essential clients) have already been brought by the brand as a treat, or maybe a type of direct marketing. Component of it really is temporal: Considering that pre-spring is actually a bridge season meant to become worn as soon because it is purchased, and clothing go in to the stores just as there is certainly a chill in the air, it needs to include cold-weather garments along with beach-worthy ones. But most of it can be aesthetic.

The pre-collections are defined, if they may be defined by anything, as ?°clothes for persons to wear,?± and garments for men and women to put on are generally not clothes that make a huge style statement, and therefore not garments that designers believe they necessarily choose to ?°present.?± This is aspect of why most brands show an abbreviated selection of looks towards the important public, although the collections are, said Frederick Lukoff, the chief executive of Stella McCartney, in the course of its party/presentation in a downtown garden, complete with living statues posing by models wearing print-heavy (even though conceptually lighthearted) cutout sundresses and jumpsuits, ?°exactly?± precisely the same size because the spring main line.


Needless to say, as with all issues resort, there is certainly no real norm. Ralph Lauren had 36 looks in his pre-spring show, for instance; Dior, 66; Balenciaga, 24; Chanel, 84. Go figure.

Put a further way, after a round of runway shows, it is actually typically simple to recognize the bag from the season, or the defining silhouette, but following five weeks of resort, no revolutionary appear or ?°it?± item sticks out, even though a handful of trends have emerged.

That is not necessarily a bad issue. In some ways, in truth, it’s a consumer-sensitive factor, responsive to women who merely want to put on a wonderful garment and not become a walking billboard for someone else?ˉs ?°statement.?± As Donna Karan said, showing off her ?°boudoir to black tie?± collection of many uncomplicated pieces (diaphanous cardigans, slouchy silk cargo pants, airy dresses), ?°there?ˉs less pressure with these garments.?±

And in that respect, amongst all the identity crises, a number of themes did emerge. The mood, for instance, was largely, if not surprisingly, seaside-inspired, from skinny sailor pants and transformational peacoats (giant collars attach and detach at will) at Joseph Altuzarra to aquatic prints at Louis Vuitton and nautical stripes at Thakoon; at Balenciaga, the trapeze capes and sailcloth canvas miniskirts were worn with wellies; along with a Japanese surf-palette marked Proenza Schouler?ˉs cool skating dresses with dropped obi belts and rounded, oversize overcoats. For all those within a different holiday mind-set, safari also played a function, as in a Burberry skirt with significant suede patch pockets or double-breasted trench with oversize horn buttons. Then there have been florals, surprisingly romantic at Narciso Rodriguez and regal at Oscar de la Renta.

The 1960s-’70s segue was the time reference to watch, best in Derek Lam?ˉs neat color-block dresses, Jason Wu?ˉs small skirt suits and a multitude of flared trousers from Diane von Furstenberg (brightly colored jersey rooted in memories of Stephen Burrows), though the 1960s lolly-popped up in retro-flavored velvet mini dresses at Marc Jacobs and geometric print versions of the very same at Versace.

Possibly the single most universal garment was the shirtdress, bias-cut and with contrast collar at Gucci, minimally white at Balenciaga and ready for evening at Carolina Herrera. For fabrics, it was luxury denim ?a within a skirt-and-jacket combo at Acne Studios, one example is ?a or skins, in particular suede and leather, which seemed pretty a lot each designer?ˉs option to the trans-seasonal issue. So there was matte pink snakeskin at Reed Krakoff, a studded suede tank and not-quite-matching leather skirt at Lanvin as well as a bright gold leather suit at Ralph Lauren.

Needless to say, none of this really is going to upend anyone?ˉs wardrobe, but arguably that is the point. According to Alber Elbaz, who might have began the entire pre-collection wave when he decided to hold presentations with the Lanvin resort lines inside the Crillon hotel in Paris 12 years ago, this specific not-quite season is actually ?°not about displaying.?±

?°It?ˉs about sharing,?± Mr. Elbaz mentioned, explaining his selection to jettison his plan for ?°28 models and two pianos and essential piano players?± in favor of a much much less portentous mini-show of lavish evening skirts with paper-bag-ruffled waists; four-layer tulle day dresses and striped shifts; and T-shirts and skirts and jackets made of cupro linen with an oily, effortless sheen. It?ˉs ?°not about making perfection, due to the fact life isn’t fantastic,?± he said. ?°And fashion is about life.?±

Burberry Rises as Luxury M.&A. Again Comes to the Fore

Could Burberry?ˉs signature tartan plaid be snatched up within a sale?

Shares inside the British style house reached a decade-long high immediately after LVMH Mo?t Hennessy Louis Vuitton announced that it was buying a majority stake in Bulgari of Italy, with an eye to buying the rest of your jeweler and watch maker.

Shares of Burberry rose about 4 %, to 120 pence, on the London Stock Exchange, as investors again appeared to mark up the company?ˉs prospects as an acquisition target.

Other standalone brands could also seem attractive as potential deal opportunities, analysts wrote inside a flurry of research notes on Monday.

Amongst them are Tiffany, whose stock opened a great deal higher ahead of drifting downward, and Tod?ˉs, the Italian shoemaker.

?°Mid-cap luxury stocks, such as Burberry or Tod?ˉs, could benefit from LVMH?ˉs move, because it might signal renewed M.&A. activity in the sector,?± Thomas Chauvet, an analyst with Citigroup, wrote.

But Mr. Chauvet cautioned that with LVMH seemingly sated for now with its Bulgari deal, worth $5.2 billion, the French conglomerate is unlikely to strike yet another deal anytime soon.

But LVMH?ˉs chairman and chief executive, Bernard Arnault, has never been identified to cease looking for additional luxury brands to add to his stable. He is still stalking Herm¨¨s of France, the family-controlled maker of Kelly and Birkin handbags.

Celebrity designers rework the iconic Louis Vuitton monogram

The Icon And The Iconoclasts is usually a special project instigated by Louis Vuitton to celebrate the iconic Monogram, first created in 1896 by the eponymous founder’s son Georges Vuitton.

Footwear legend Christian Louboutin, artist Cindy Sherman, architect Frank Gehry, Chanel and Fendi creative director Karl Lagerfeld, designer Marc Newson and Comme des Gar?ons founder Rei Kawakubo were brought together by the brand for the project. The sextet have been given carte blanche to create new bags and accessories using and reimagining the famous monogram print.

It was Delphine Arnault, Executive Vice President of Louis Vuitton, and the brand’s inventive director Nicolas Ghesqui¨¨re who first dreamed up the idea:

« When we talked with Nicolas Ghesqui¨¨re about the extraordinary talents we would like to method we simply went to these who are among the most effective in their fields, » says Delphine Arnault, explaining her choice of your talents. « We were interested in people today who work with their minds and their hands. I thought it was so intriguing – and fun! – to have all of these unique points of view on the Monogram. It can be inspiring to see how they envision things, to see their perspectives. This can be a group of geniuses. »

The limited edition pieces will appear for sale in selected Louis Vuitton stores around the globe from mid-October this year, with a launch event set to take location in New York City on November 7.

World’s first Louis Vuitton airport store opens at Incheon

Shopaholics in Asia got yet another reason to visit Korea as Louis Vuitton’s first airport store opened amid massive fanfare at Incheon Airport over the weekend.

Soon after decades shunning airport outlets, the French luxury brand picked Incheon as its flagship location due to its facilities and services, including the fastest procedure for entry and departure, stated Yves Carcelle, chairman and CEO of Louis Vuitton, who flew to the Korea for Saturday’s opening ceremony.

As outlined by The Korea Herald, the 550-square-meter airport megastore is expected to bring in ?70 billion (approximately US$65 million) in annual sales, thanks to the increasing numbers of Chinese and Japanese travelers that pass through Incheon.

Louis Vuitton’s debut sparked a feud amongst the airport’s brand names. Outraged over Shilla Duty Free’s preferrential treatment of Louis Vuitton, Gucci left Shilla to join hands with archival Lotte Duty Free, while Chanel is expected to pull out this month, reported Chosun Ilbo. IN BUSINESS; Louis Vuitton to Open Store at The Westchester – New York Times

The preferential treatment? The finest space within the airport, and only six to seven percent of revenue as rent. Other brands in the airport pay 20 percent.


Incheon Airport beat out Schipol International Airport Sac Louis Vuitton Discount of Holland, Paris’ Charles de Gaulle Airport and Singapore’s Changi Airport, as all three had attempted to open Louis Vuitton airport shops inside the past.

At Saturday’s opening ceremony, Carcelle described the opening as « the world’s most effective airport and luxury brand joining hands. »

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Air Jordan XX3 “Finale” at Shoe Gallery

The red searchlights spun about the Downtown Miami skyline and could possibly be seen from afar around the evening of December 23, 2008. The elusive “Finale” colorway from the Air Jordan XX3′s have been on their approach to becoming released at Shoe Gallery. Given Nike Air Max Bleu that news broke in regards to the release, a smaller group of dedicated sneakerheads produced strategy to Shoe Gallery almost 11 days before the actual release. They setup shop for a camp-out till the sneakers had been released on December 23rd. 22 other Jordan brand retailers about the country joined Shoe Gallery in releasing the final colorway in the XX3’s.

A total of 529 pairs (23 per store) have been sold worldwide, producing them ultra-exclusive. Shoe Gallery generally goes far and beyond to treat their devoted prospects ideal and this release was no exception of that. Red searchlights greeted them and produced Shoe Gallery the eye of Downtown Miami on the night just before Christmas Eve. Everybody who got their pair was grateful to finally be able to hold their prize and get to finally…well, go house.

The initial particular person in line was proud to become quantity “one” and Shoe Gallery gave him a couple of additional pieces of gear on-the-house in a show of their appreciation. It was funny that throughout the 11 days with the camp-out, a number of from the people today in line worked out a program have been they would alternate going property and after that come back in line and switch and and so forth. A terrific show of dedication mixed with a bit of maturity. With that, see ya subsequent year with the Air Jordan 2009 coming quickly! Air Jordan, Air BullsOn Sunday the Chicago Bulls advanced for the second round with the NBA’s Eastern Conference playoffs for the very first time in seven years, lugging with them an intriguing and nonetheless unresolved query: Are they a Soldes Air Jordan one-man band? Chicago answered ambivalently in going the best-of-five distance together with the Cleveland Cavaliers. In the first two games, the Bulls have been thriving only after they went to Michael Jordan, who scored 50 and 55 points in 104-93 and 106-101 victories at Chicago Stadium. In the subsequent two games, around the Cavaliers’ dwelling floor in suburban Richfield, the Bulls looked like lost sheep whenever Jordan was not out front with his staff.Sure, he scored 38 and 44 points, but he was playing having a sore back in addition to a sore correct knee and with a number of of your calls against him. Nike Air Jordans – SI Vault

Cleveland won 110-102 and 97-91. But in the fifth and deciding game, in Chicago, the Bulls performed like a many-man band. When Jordan « struggled » for 39 points, many of his teammates ultimately stood robust and tall within a 107-101 victory. « Today, » said coach Doug Collins, « the Chicago Bulls showed up in unison. » So did Cleveland, which for the first 1 1/2 quarters of the game threatened to close down the Jordan Jamboree for the season.The Lakers’ Magic Johnson has already proclaimed the Cavaliers « the group with the ’90s, » and there is no cause Cleveland cannot leapfrog past Chicago, the Detroit Pistons and also the Atlanta Hawks for the best on the Central Division next season.

Yes, the Cavs finally came apart on Sunday within the din of hostile Chicago Stadium, but not till late inside the game and not until the Bulls, who had been behind by 18 points late within the initially quarter, had mounted an exquisite clutch functionality.In 1988-89, Cleveland’s young guards, Mark Value and Ron Harper, might be a little wiser, veteran forward Larry Nance might be hungrier for recognition, and center Brad Daugherty are going to be a year closer to becoming the savviest (not the very best, thoughts you, but the savviest) center inside the NBA. Beware the Cavs.Chicago also may have seen its personal future flash just before it in Game five with all the play of rookie Scottie Pippen, who had 24 points, six rebounds and 5 assists.

Pippen has had an up-and-down season, as quite a few first-year players do, but he performed properly within the Bulls’ stretch drive, for the duration of which they won 13 of their final 17 games to overtake Atlanta for second location in the Central Division and third in the Eastern Conference. Nevertheless, Pippen — and every person else, for that matter — was shocked when Collins casually mentioned, minutes before Game five, that Pippen would be starting at tiny forward for the first time this season. The move was not just an expression of Collins’s self-confidence inside the multitalented Pippen, but also an indication that the regular starter, Brad Sellers, is back in what Sellers has jokingly referred to as « the Doug home. » A 7-footer who ventures in to the paint so rarely he need to believe it is mined, Sellers played only 5 minutes on Sunday, and although it could be premature to say that his days are numbered in Chicago, it really is a virtual certainty that Pippen’s day has arrived.Pippen was within the middle of all that went ideal for Chicago on Sunday.

With 27 seconds left in the third period and Jordan on the bench taking his customary end-of-the-quarter rest, Pippen stole an ill-advised crosscourt pass by Harper and took it in for a layup that gave Chicago its initial lead in the game, 78-77. Twenty-two seconds later he dunked the rebound of Sam Vincent’s missed layup, which had been setup by a further Cav turnover, and the Bulls led 80-77. And in a key six-point run late inside the fourth period that gave the Bulls a 100-92 lead with 2:58 left, Pippen hit a jumper in addition to a basket underneath sandwiched about a jumper by Dave Corzine. That, in impact, was the ball game. »It’s one of many greatest games I’ve ever seen a rookie play in the playoffs, » mentioned Chicago backup guard Rory Sparrow, who at 29 is amongst the handful of Bulls old adequate to possess a sense of history. The 6 ft. 7 in. Pippen’s eye-popping versatility will enable him overcome the damned-if-you-do, damned-if-you-don’t dilemma of getting around the very same team as Jordan.

When you take a shot or make a move to the basket that isn’t effective, then you must have passed off to Jordan. But for those who constantly ignore your individual shot in an all-out effort to set up Jordan, then you definitely are usually not offering him with substantial support. It’s an issue the Bulls have struggled with all year, and also the fact that Pippen was a pip inside a playoff game or that Corzine came through in the clutch (7 for 12 in the field) immediately after a horrendous start that included three first-half air balls doesn’t imply it is behind them.One particular must engage in statistical hairsplitting to argue that the Bulls are considerably enhanced over final year in spreading the offensive wealth: Jordan scored 35.4% of Chicago’s points in 1986-87, a figure that dropped slightly, to 33.3%, through the lately concluded standard season after which soared to 44.3% within the series against Cleveland.Nevertheless, the ears from the Bulls’ management positively burn when the phrase « one-man team » is uttered anyplace inside the vicinity. Which can be why Chicago general manager Jerry Krause could possibly be identified in the deliriously pleased Bulls locker space soon after Sunday’s triumph, buttonholing everyone in sight and saying, « One-man team, huh? No way! No way this can be a one-man team! »However, within the rush to praise the undeniable contributions of others, Jordan’s fine performance in Game 5 was virtually obscured. Yes, following going dunkless in Games 3 and 4, he had only one slam on Sunday — attribute that to fatigue as well as the outstanding defense of Harper and Craig Ehlo.


And, yes, his ball handling was atrocious at times. He had seven turnovers, and throughout a single bizarre four-possession sequence in the third period, he threw the ball away 3 straight instances after which shot an air ball. But, as usual, the Bulls wouldn’t have been inside the game without the need of him.The Cavs had bottled up Chicago’s offense and led 39-29 3 minutes into the second period, when Jordan decided he had seen sufficient. He drove for the basket, got fouled and produced one of two free of charge throws. The following time downcourt, he drove to the basket, got fouled and produced certainly one of two. Next time down: drive, foul, made each. Exact same factor 19 seconds later. Then he dunked off an alley-oop pass from Pippen. Suddenly, Cleveland’s lead was only 41-37.No, the Bulls under no circumstances went exclusively to their Archangel Offense — « That’s exactly where we give the ball to Jordan and say, ‘Save us, Michael,’  » explains Chicago assistant coach John Bach, coiner with the term — but Jordan was nevertheless the answer towards the Bulls’ prayers additional frequently than not. And, oh yes, his 226 points were by far the most ever inside a five-game series.In truth, it really is remarkable that Jordan’s luminous presence hasn’t upset the Bulls more than it has this season. There have already been only minor eruptions, most of them from Mount Oakley. LeBron James Watch Posts Bulls make pitch, LBJ wears Air Jordans

By way of example, immediately after scoring just five points within a 97-91 loss in Game four, Bulls energy forward Charles Oakley had this to say: « I work really hard and do not get any plays known as for me. I am the top rebounder in the league (he completed second statistically to the Los Angeles Clippers’ Michael Cage this season, but his claim is almost certainly correct), and I’m getting pounded and pounded under the boards every night. I will do anything for the team. However they need to give me a thing back. »To his credit, Oakley stayed inside himself on Sunday, taking only 5 shots and acting like a human earth-mover under the basket as he grabbed 20 rebounds. Jordan, for his component, requires a sympathetic view of Oakley’s complaints. « It’s not really Doug’s play-calling a lot as how we execute the play, » Jordan mentioned Saturday. « Doug is trying, and has been attempting, to obtain us out of just relying on me. Everybody has an equal chance to score within this offense, but occasionally the other guys aren’t made use of to taking charge. We need to have extra of that.

That’s what we worked on in practice these days. »Evidently it had some effect. Jordan produced these comments as he tooled away from the Bulls’ practice facility at the Multiplex in suburban Deerfield in his white Porsche 911 turbo. Behind him he had left a dozen or so interview seekers, anything he doesn’t like to do. But his back was aching, the outcome of a muscle pull suffered in Game three, and he required rest. As Jordan cruised slowly behind a mall close to the Multiplex, two cars suddenly caught him and actually cut him off from each sides. Jordan looked resigned as he coasted to a cease. Two autograph seekers jumped from the vehicle on his proper while a young man begging for any moment of Jordan’s time emerged in the one particular on his left. « Michael, please, this is important for me and also you, » he mentioned.Jordan gave a reluctant nod, and immediately the man made a blue sweat suit to which he had affixed an Air Jordan logo. « Michael, have a look at this! » he stated. « Nobody’s producing these. Michael, we’ve got to talk. Please!


Can we speak? » Jordan took the man’s phone number. (The next day, just after Game 5, Jordan reported that he had returned the call but had begged off the deal.) « It ever strike you which you have a bizarre life? » Jordan’s passenger asked him as he drove off. « Sometimes? » said Jordan. « Believe it or not, that wasn’t all that unusual. »Jordan is often a man who seems to have the lots of and varied pieces of his life in order. He handles himself off the court along with he handled himself around the court this season, and that is saying anything. When it’s correct that, as the Cavs’ Ehlo says, « He has different expertise than the rest of us, » it really is also accurate that Jordan has exceeded everyone’s excessive expectations for the reason that he has by no means stopped enhancing.

His .535 season shooting percentage, absurdly high for a guard who averaged a league-high 35.0 points per game (last year’s figures have been .482 and 37.1), is testament to that.Or consider his defense. He is the very first player in NBA history to lead the league in each scoring and steals (3.16 per game). « There’ve been a lot of occasions that Doug has place me on somebody to quit him, » says Jordan. « I played Alex English, I played Magic Johnson. Doug nonetheless hasn’t let me on Larry (Bird), although. That’s the 1 I am waiting for. »Jordan obviously hopes to get his likelihood inside the Eastern finals ond-round series against Detroit, which started Tuesday evening, loomed as a giant obstacle, one that would put to a test the assertion of an exuberant Pippen on Sunday: « Now we know we’re not a one-man group anymore. »As Pippen along with the rest of the Bulls know complete well, the Louis Vuitton Occasion obstacle may be overcome only by Team Chicago, not only Group Michael.

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